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OLM File Converter with High Caliber for Protecting Data Integrity!

OLM file converter tools are listed below. But here we are talking about OLM to PST Converter Pro.

  1. OLM to PST Converter Pro
  2. OLM to PST Converter Ultimate
  3. Mail Passport Pro
  4. OLM Converter Pro
  5. OLM Converter Ultimate
  6. OLK Message Recovery

OLM file converter

Moving from your Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows and must also transfer emails across? There is only one practical way to do it: by converting OLM to PST.

And for that you need a professional OLM file converter. An ordinary

We understand that it can be a bit unnerving, especially if you are new to such tasks. Switching clients is easy, it is the bit where you need to also move all the data stored in your older software to the new one that can get problematic.

One concern that many shares is the loss of data integrity. It is also true that many times when moving data or converting OLM to PST, many people lose certain items from the files. There is also the modification of structure and metadata. These issues are called data integrity losses and is an overwhelming thing to deal with. Only few software converters can guarantee the clean conversion without these errors.

OLM file converter features & facts

One of them is ‘OML to PST Converter Pro‘. The reason we suggest it over any other is not merely the fact that it has a high caliber for safeguarding all your content sand their integrity, but also the following facts:

  1. It is the only OLM file converter app that comes for both Mac and Windows operating systems
  2. The interface is designed for maximum efficiency and minimum (zero) learning curve. Even the first timers would have no trouble navigating around the UI.
  3. Is powered by multi-layered algorithms that ensures no byte of information is left behind or is converted with error
  4. Special system for Unicode text and characters from the headers (To, From, Cc, Subject Line, etc.)
  5. Special system to convert the folders and copy their order of arrangement to PST precisely.
  6. Also retains the read and unread status of emails, which, if lost, can be quite inconvenient
  7. Converts every graphical component of emails (images, graphs, etc.)
  8. Converts email attachments regardless of the size and the formats of the attached files
  9. Works with a much faster speed than any other OLM file converter
  10. Allows selecting more than one OLM file to convert to PST at a single time.
  11. Allows limiting the size of PST file (which lets the tool split the larger ones into smaller parts)
  12. Backwards compatible with OLM files from all Mac Outlook versions (2011, 2016, 2019, and Office 365)
  13. Requires no internet to function
  14. Very lightweight and uses minimal resources

Protecting data integrity is a massive feature that is not only wanted by many users, but is absolute essential for the task of this nature. After all, there is no point using a typical OLM file converter and finding that many of your information is not converted correctly. It can also be devastating in case you didn’t notice these errors until it is too late (like after deleting the original OLM file). Many people have lost crucial work-related data this way. You certainly want to avoid that.

olm file converter

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Gladwev Software always offers a free trial version of all their software tools, including for this one. You get to see all the power and features in action, before you take your pick for the license to activate the full version. There are licenses for household, small companies, and larger enterprises needs.