Mac Mail to Outlook Converter – The Only Converter That Can Get You Through This Task Seamlessly!

Mac Mail to Outlook data migration can often go south in a matter of minutes. The instinctive nature
of the files used in these email clients contrast each other widely and it gets challenging to get the
data from one to another.

Mac Mail uses EMLX file to store emails. A single message is stored in a single EMLX file and all those
EMLX files are in turn stored inside MBOX file packages. Which are different than standard MBOX
files. They are just like folders but with .mbox as their extension.

On the other hand, Outlook in Windows uses OST and PST for storing data in different situations
(usually OST for IMAP and Exchange and letting users work with data even offline). But for importing
data to Outlook and for other purposes like backup/archiving, PST is used, which is short for Personal
Storage Table.

If you are switching from Mac Mail to Outlook, you cannot use the EMLX file from Mac Mail into
Outlook. You cannot even use any other file than PST itself. Some users often try to get the data
migrated by using a “middle-man,” a dummy email account that can sync the data across. But that
approach is incredibly imperfect and can be very rough on users. It isn’t necessary to go in details
about how you too can do that, but it does no good. You can end up wasting your time, and even
worse, losing your data integrity.

The other approach that most Mac Mail to Outlook converters implement is MBOX to PST files
conversion. But it also requires another additional step. As stated above, Mac Mail doesn’t use a
standard MBOX file (it only did so for the first version of Mac Mail ever), and instead uses EMLX files
stored in a folders having .mbox as extension.

So, to actually use a third-party MBOX to PST converter, you are going to have to implement the
‘archive’ feature in Mac Mail to get every email in a single MBOX file.

Archiving emails in Mac Mail to MBOX file takes an enormous amount of time if you have plenty of
emails. And then you have to convert it into PST, which is yet another set of hours that you will have
to devote. All in all, this too is a time-consuming process, made worse by some ordinary MBOX to
PST converters that do not offer clean conversion while protecting data integrity even after a user
has gone through all those manual and frustrating steps.

This is where you are going to need “Mail Passport Pro,” which is an email migration utility from
Gladwev Software built to simplify this otherwise dreadful process. It makes it so by allowing you to
simply load the Mac Mail database folder, also called identity or profile folder. Just go to the
~/Library/Mail and copy that folder into your Windows PC where “Mail Passport Pro” is installed.
That’s all you have to do. The tool will extract all the contents from this folder (or you can manually
untick any folder that you don’t want to convert) and will convert them back to PST files, which are
simply importable into Outlook.

Convert apple mail to outlook

The tool has a simple interface, algorithms to protect the fidelity of your emails, supports Unicode
conversion, supports MIME define content, and basically everything that a user needs to get
through. It’s the only Mac Mail to Outlook converter that has no missing elements that can later on
in the process prove to be limiting. Through its amazing set of complete features, it is set to give you
a professional experience of migrating data across the email clients in question.

Moreover, it also has a tech support of Gladwev Software that is built from a team of email
migration experts, available to help you at any stage, 24 x 7. Even though the tool is built for
simplicity that even a beginner can get on board with, sometimes things come up that may need
some assistance.

Try Now it’s Free!

Check out the tool now using a free trial mode that Gladwev Software offers and experience how advance migration seems like using this tool.

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