Thunderbird to PST Converter – The Best Converter Out There to Migrate Thunderbird Data to Outlook


Thunderbird is an email client that is available for all major operating systems – Windows, Mac OS,
and Linux. It’s a great email client with an intuitive UI and a huge set of features coupled with
extension that the community often develops. It’s open-source nature has helped make it an
effective way to deal with your emailing needs. And it’s free!

On the other hand, Outlook is a client for Windows that is built by Microsoft and is available in
different ways: as a part of Microsoft Office suite, as a part of Office 365 subscription, or as a
standalone app (for $ 109.99). It’s a professional utility equipped with everything you need, along
with a great customer support.

With Thunderbird and Outlook comparison side by side, it’s clear that both of them offer unique
features and benefits, but Outlook can often have an edge, especially for business users with a heavy
emailing needs. And if you have been using Thunderbird for a long time and now it’s time to switch
to Outlook, you may find the data transfer too chaotic and daunting.

There is no in-built feature in Thunderbird to export data to Outlook, or in Outlook to import data
from Thunderbird. The files in both clients are different and incompatible with each other.
Therefore, you must either rely on fully manual approach or a third-party application.

Manual solutions can be time-consuming and hard, by definition, since it’s manual after all. You
don’t get to have an automatic data transfer with flexible features and all. Everything has to be done
by you manually. Without going too much into this old and inefficient method of converting
Thunderbird data to Outlook, it’s sufficient to just know that it can lead to loss of productivity and
even data loss. You should avoid it at all cost.

So that leaves us to third-party software applications. These applications convert Thunderbird to PST
files, where PST is a native file compatible with Outlook. The application would get your emails
extracted and converted into files with .pst extension that you can then import back into Outlook
using the ‘Import’ built-in feature.

Easy enough, except most of these converters can be worse than manually trying to move data.
Since email files have a rich content variety, ranging from email headers to MIME define content to
images and everything in between, a tool trying to extract all those contents must have sophisticated
algorithms. Sadly, very few of them are capable of clean migration. You would encounter annoying
data errors, like broke images, missing email addresses, damaged folder hierarchy, and more. In a
business environment, this can be painful and not something you can afford.

Mail Passport Pro is The Solution

Which finally brings us to this excellent Thunderbird to PST converter built by Gladwev Software that
can end all of this tension and dread that is unfortunately associated with email migration. It’s called
Mail Passport Pro” and is a windows-based program that you can download today and try it out for

From its advanced algorithms to dedicated logic to user-friendly interface and to 24 x 7 tech support,
it delivers the experience quiet satisfactorily and pleasantly. There are no weak links in its
programming that could lead to data integrity compromise or other frustrating errors. It also works
very fast, so that you can move your large Thunderbird databases into PST files and finally into

Download the trial setup file here.

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