EML to PST converter software to convert EML files to PST for MS Outlook!

Mail Passport Lite (2-in-1 Email Converter) – EML to PST Converter And MBOX to PST Converter

EML to PST Converter

“Mail Passport Lite” is not an ordinary Eml to Pst Converter. It will help you to convert Windows Live Mail to PST for Windows Outlook in a remarkable manner that shows high quality of conversion.

It is a software built upon the updated and recent developments in logic of data extraction. Which means, that all the problems you used to face earlier in ordinary Eml to Pst Converters will not be present here.

If you are looking for EML to PST Converter OR MBOX to PST Converter, then Mail Passport Lite is perfect for you.

The primary points below shine some light on these problems and how “Mail Passport Lite” has resolved them.

1. Difficult in navigation and interaction with the tool

There used to be times when most of the tasks were manual. Then, some progressive changes brought the autmatic tools into light. However, even then, it was extremely hard to operate them because of their sloppy interfaces.

“Mail Passport Lite” has leaped many steps forward in that regards. Its graphical wizard based style allows the user to easily convert Eml to Pst without any hassle. Its clever and innate GUI has everything structured neatly and all the features make intuitive sense.

2. Non-English Characters

With almost all the users, the lack of feature in preserving Non-English characters can cause some serious damage at work. For essentially all ordinary Eml to Pst Converters, it is tricky to detect these characters and generate Unicode text in the converted Pst files which will preserve them.

“Mail Passport Lite” combines the special programming of detecting and creating Unicode text encoding that will give you the peace of you mind you wanted. Never lose any content that might be in other languages than English, such as, Korean, and Hindi.

3. No Omission of data elements

Many tools omit certain elements associated with your data. This is because of the two reasons – lack of depth in the scanning system, and lack of ability in implanting the obtained data in Pst files. That means, these tools either fail to detect certain parts or information of your data, or if they could, they fail to implement it.

“Mail Passport Lite” is armed with deep and wide scanning abilities, which search through an Eml thoroughly. Moreover, the data implementation is efficient, which makes sure all the scanned contents are properly injected into the new Pst files. That results in high accuracy of converted Pst files. The tool can preserve virtues like folder structure, embedded graphics, read/unread status of emails, properties and metadata (to, from, cc, bcc, etc.), and attachments.

Other features

Other than these three primary traits that developers have given the extra though for, the following list of features make this tool one of the most convenient Eml to Pst Converter.

Try it today by download the free edition here. It converts 10 items from Eml to Pst (or Mbox to Pst) for each folder.

Do you want to continue bothering yourself with those cheap, but overly risky and inefficient, converters, or are you ready to experience something different?

Make a decision now!

Mail Passport Lite, the only tool has in-built EML to PST Converter and MBOX to PST Converter.

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