Migrate Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook Easy & Safe Way!

When an app developer is trained for the first time, he hears about these two primary qualities every software program, tool, or an app should contain at any cost – Operational characteristic and maintenance characteristic. Today we talk about “OLM to PST Converter Pro” for moving data across Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook, that contains all of these characteristics.

Migrate Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook

Operational qualities is the main essence of any software program. It tells about the main benefits, and what all it can do. Under “operational qualities”, you get more sub-categories – usability, reliability, efficiency, data integrity, and safety and security.

Let’s analyze “OLM to PST Converter Pro” according to these qualities.

1. Usability

The usability depends on user interface; and this tool is a graphical wizard based tool that makes the task simple and without any complications. Every function and feature is laid out appropriately for you to use at the correct time. For instance, just before you click ‘start’ to start the process, you can check whether whether you want to merge all contacts to a single file. Careful arrangement of everything makes it usable even by beginners, and experts likewise.

2. Reliability

Here, reliability refers to the quality of not having any defects and the quality of the tool to work without any stopping, lag, or errors. “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” assures of its smooth performance over time, even when dealing with large Olm files. The firmly rooted logic ensures no drag on its functioning.

3. Efficiency

The rate and momentum of Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook conversions is multiplied and speeded up through the smart designing. The result is the fast pace of Olm conversions. Consequently, delivering high efficiency.

4. Safety and security

Heavy processing of data can cause damage to computer or other data inside computer. Or, it can also influence the hardware. “OLM to PST Converter Pro“, although deals with data rigorously, it does not cause any problems to other programs or hardware.

‘Safety and Security’ refers to any threats caused externally. The next point discusses any threat to internal data integrity cause by the tool itself.

5. Data integrity

For any tool dealing with databases and important contents, and their conversion, data integrity measures becomes the most concerned quality for the tool. “OLM to PST Converter Pro” protects your data integrity through deeply scanning every Olm file to extract the data fully. Followed by, skillfully implementing the extracted data into Pst files. Special protection measures are employed to preserve all the following –

  • Folder structure
  • Embedded images and other graphics
  • Email metadata (to, From, time and date, Cc, Bcc, and subject)
  • Embedded objects, word docs, and excel sheets
  • read/unread status of emails
  • Non-English characters

Other operational characteristics “OLM to PST Converter Pro” holds are some of the very notable features that provide extreme value for Olm conversion tasks. Some of them are-

  • contacts and calendar conversion to Vcf and Ics files respectively, also,
  • ability to merge into a single Vcf and Ics file
  • previewing of folders inside an Olm file
  • batch conversion of Olm files
  • ability to merge all Olm files into a singe Pst file
  • split Pst files if they get bigger than the specified size (specify any size you want after which the tool will split the file automatically)
  • ignore empty folders inside an Olm file (The feature may not sound like a valuable addition but with Olm files containing hundreds of folders, in that case, ignoring empty folders can make the task much organized.)
  • Brief and detailed report of the full conversion

Next, an app developer or software engineer has to take care while building a software is its maintenance characteristic. In terms of users, it means that the software should be easy to maintain. It should not go out of date, and user don’t have to go through a lot of pain and hassle to keep it up to date.

6. Maintenance

OLM to PST Converter Pro” can be kept up to date itself. The company releases frequent updates, for both Mac and Windows edition, that will not let it become obsolete with the constant upgradation of Mac and Windows OS. Even-more, the updates for the software sometimes can add some valuable function to the already existing set of its features.

These updates are free forever. You have never to pay for any updates, minor or major.

Try it today!

Try it today with no hesitation. The free downloadable edition works for 10 items from Olm to Pst for each folder inside an Olm file. You can convert 10 items from each folder in trial version.

Below are the tools, that can helps you to migrate Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook. Choose according to your needs.

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OLM to PST Converter Pro is a cross-platform tool for converting olm to pst file format.
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system Mac, Windows
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OLM to PST Converter Ultimate can auto detect your Mac Outlook database and convert it (olm file) to PST file format for Windows Outlook.
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OLK14 Message Recovery

$69.00 -13%
OLK14 Message Recovery – Recover and convert Emails, Contacts and Calendar from Outlook Mac OLK14Message files to multiple formats including convert …
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Mail Passport Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Outlook (OLM), Entourage (RGE), MBOX and EML files to PST file format for Windows …
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system Windows

OLM to PST Converter Pro is the perfect choice for migrating emails from Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook.

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