OLM to PST Converter for Mac That Convert Your Data Easy, Safe and Accurately!

The only OLM to PST Converter for Mac that allows flexibility in how you can convert your Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook. The “Express” mode can automatically load the Outlook files and its contents. Gone are the days of exporting OLM files. And thus, because there is no need of OLM files, this tool focuses more on data credibility and higher efficiency.

Why it is more accurate?

It is more accurate because it can convert Mac Oultook to Windows Outlook directly from the identity files. It targets the Outlook installation folder itself, by passing any need for Olm files. This in turn produces more accurate and date credibility in converted Pst files than the conventional Olm methods.

To test this, export your data from Outlook Mac to Olm files. And, then convert it into Pst using any tool (or even this one). Next, perform the same steps again without changing anything. First, you would notice the difference in Olm files itself. Then, if your convert it into Pst, the size of Pst file would also be different than the first one.

This goes to show that some of the contents are either modified or lost, or not scanned entirely, during the process. If you, then, perform the conversion directly from the Outlook identity folder, you would not experience any of the same data modification.

Why is it easy to manage?

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate is easy to use and manage. The interface is equipped with a simple-step screens or graphical -based wizard. That makes it uncomplicated to use, even if you are performing Olm to Pst conversion the first time. There is nothing you need to know before using it. The step-wise wizard takes care of everything. It guides you towards the completion of data migration using easy to understand instructions.

Moreover, all the extra features and functionalities do not clutter the interface or overwhelm the user. All the flexbility is added carefully, so as to offer a wider and custom use of the tool without making the process more comlex for a layman user.

What are PST files?

Pst files are known as Personal Storage table files, and is one of the two Outlook data files (the other one being Ost). Once the tool has inserted the data from Olm files to Pst, you can then locate the files, and later export them to Windows Outlook database.

What power does it have over the other traditional OLM to PST Conveters for Mac?

As explained above, it does not need Olm files to move data. But, how does it actually benefit the users? Through the implementation of direct conversion method, the one where it interacts with the outlook database directly, the protection of data elements become easier. Preserving the data integrity is simplified, and you get surprisingly better and similar data as it was originally stored in Mac Outlook.

Specifically, the following types of information or attributes are hard to preserve, but OLM to PST Converter Ultimate has no issues with that –

Don’t believe it!

Don’t JUST believe it. Use it first without any risk.

Download the free trial version here. It can convert 10 items from Olm to Pst, or from mac outlook database to Windows Outlook (pst) files, for each folder it contains.

Get it today!

OLM to PST Converter for Mac (OLM to PST Converter Ultimate) is most powerful, easy to use and wizard based Mac Application that helps you to hassle free migrate your Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

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