Thunderbird to PST Converter Free Trial Version

Thunderbird to PST Converter Free Trial Version – the Excellent Solution to an Otherwise Challenging Job!

Thunderbird is a cross platform email client that can be used in Mac, Windows, and even Linux systems. On the other hand, Windows Outlook is strictly a Windows email client (though Mac Outlook exists; its different), and can only use PST file format to import data.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

The fact that Outlook cannot use any other file than PST to import data make sit hard to transfer Thunderbird data easily. That’s why many people look for free Thunderbird to PST converters that can process their emails and other items from the database of Thunderbird into Outlook compatible PST files.

Unfortunately, though, many converters that exist are not up to the standard. They end up wasting your time while also resulting in data errors, like missing images, broken folder hierarchy, damaged Unicode text, and so on. This data integrity error has turned many people against the job of email migration like Thunderbird to PST.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Simplest Yet Most Powerful Thunderbird to PST Converter!

To let go of the concerns and worries that the job usually present, you need a professionally developed converter. It should have the essential features and an easy to navigate interface that allows for accurate conversions without getting bogged down with technical challenges.

And this is what Gladwev Software brings.

They developed the exact Thunderbird to PST converter that you need, and is available to try for free.

Called “Mail Passport Pro,” it brings all essential features implemented during the process using an intuitive UI. Therefore, it’s also the first tool of its kind that is both powerful but simple enough to be used by basic home users. You don’t get overwhelmed by the number of advanced features it offers.

Mail Passport Pro as Thunderbird to PST Converter

Features that make “Mail Passport Pro” the Best!

Let’s look at the features in detail, the features that are responsible to make the tool one of the best in the category:

Multiple format choices to convert to PST

Though, this feature is slightly out of topic for the context of this article, it’s important to point out that it can convert many other formats to PST, not just “Thunderbird“. You can input your data from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac (OLM), Postbox, Entourage (RGE), and even standard MBOX and EML files.

Direct Thunderbird Database Conversion:

Usually, such converters require you to archive your emails from Thunderbird to some file format like MBOX. They, then, convert these MBOX files to PST. However, “Mail Passport Pro” allows you it simply autoload the Thunderbird native database folder, such that you are free from archiving the data to any files and handling any such files manually. This direct approach also works in improving precision of final converted files.

Support Unicode text:

The tool fully supports the conversion of non-English text characters like Chinese and Japanese. It has built-in dedicated logic to ensure all Unicode standard content are converted without losing the details.

Other Data Items Supported:

Ordinary Thunderbird to PST converters free or paid often struggle to process complex information that are always present in modern day email databases. Examples include graphical components, nested emails, cloud-based links, MIME defined headers, and text formatting. These items are handled with “Mail Passport Pro” with extra care and precision and are converted to PST with their original structure intact.

Try this Thunderbird to PST Converter

Time to Try it out!

Product Page:

If you want to know more, the best way to do so is by actually using the tool rather than reading about it. The good news is that you can now do it without having to pay for it. The free trial version is available for anyone to download and use. It converts ten items from each Thunderbird folders without restricting any other feature, which gives you a perfect opportunity to see up close how it functions and deals with your unique database.

After trying it out, you can activate it using any one of the several licenses available, ranging from personal use to corporate.

If you are looking for Thunderbird to PST converter, you may choose from below products.

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Mail Passport Pro
3 years ago

Mail Passport Pro

Mail Passport Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Outlook (OLM), Entourage (RGE), MBOX and EML files to PST file format for Windows & Mac Outlook.
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Thunderbird to PST Converter Pro
Thunderbird to PST Converter Pro is an intuitive to use software program to help you import emails from Thunderbird to OutlookPostbox to Outlook and MBOX to Outlook by converting data to PST files without the loss of data fidelity.


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