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In Mac PC, Mac Outlook stores Mailbox database which include entries from emails, calendars and other account information in an OLM file. You can not open olm files in Windows Outlook as Windows Outlook only supports PST format. So, in order to use Mac Outlook database in Windows Outlook one needs to convert OLM files to PST format. And for that a powerful, reliable and safe OLM files to PST Converter tool is required.

One such tool is OLM to PST Converter Pro by Gladwev. The OLM file to PST Converter empowers the database in OLM format towards a comfortable conversion into PST format through its prominent features.  It has a Mac version and a windows version. The OLM converter is compatible with Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP, vista , 7, 8 and 10.  It requires installation of any one of the Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2003/2007/2010 versions.

Read on to know how OLM to PST Converter Pro can be beneficial to you:

Full sweep conversion

With OLM to PST Converter Pro one can convert emails, calendars, contacts and other information one deems necessary. Even attachments find it easy to travel to PST format with the OLM file to PST Converter.  Necessary arrangements have also been made to export all the Unicode content untouched. Providing the option of complete conversion is a part and parcel of OLM to PST Converter Pro’s service.

Neat Conversion

The OLM files to PST Converter maintains the original structure of folders and thus not only converts OLM files neatly but also with the structure one is acquainted with. It takes care of every type of OLM database. For example, OLM address book folders and multiple calendar folders are placed inside a single Outlook ‘Contacts’ folder and a single Outlook ‘Calendar’ folder.


OLM file to PST Converter operates at astonishing speed. It can export 60 address email books at once. Convert GBS of database in a matter of minutes and still maintain a high quality conversion. It utilizes an unconventional technique to carry every aspect of an effective conversion like safety, accuracy, lucidity and speed together.

Free Trial for OLM to PST Conversion

You can try the OLM files to PST Converter before making a real investment by downloading the free trial version from the website. It allows conversion of 10 emails per folder. The OLM file to PST Converter is available for both Operating systems Windows and Mac. Two versions are available for Mac OS compatible OLM files to PST ConverterOLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter ultimate. The ultimate version is strongly recommended because it is much easier to operate and directly converts Outlook database.

Licensed Version

To suit the requirements of different sort of groups, Gladwev has produced OLM to PST Converter Pro in different packages the prices of which vary according to number of users. They are as follows:

Individual License

The individual license can be used to convert multiple email accounts and installed on two machines. The price for OLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter ultimate in this category is $39 and $49 respectively.

Household License

This license can be installed on at most 10 machines, and thus is perfect for a complete family.  You will have to pay $59 and $79 for this license of OLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter ultimate. This also allows conversion of multiple mail accounts.

Commercial License

Produced with keeping the needs of a small organization in mind, this license can be installed on 100 machines only. It allows bulk mail accounts conversion and comes with Mac/Windows license. The commercial license of OLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter Ultimate can be yours at $199 and $299 respectively.

Enterprise License

For bigger organizations with more than 100 members. The Enterprise license is available to install in multiple sites of single company.  With this license Mail accounts convert in bulk and Mac/windows license comes pre-loaded.  OLM to PST Converter Pro and OLM to PST Converter ultimate have been priced at $899 and $999 in this category respectively.

If any trouble arises amid the process, one can rely on Gladwev’s 24*7*365 customer care support. It divides in two departments. One for handling sales related problems and the second to provide technical assistance, for better convenience. Download the free trial version and see it for yourself.

10 Total Score

Both are doing same job. So features are differents. Try the both and choose according to your needs.

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