Export Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird and Keep All Your Folders’ Hierarchy Preserved!

Export Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird, Here is the tool you need.

Do you arrange your emails in folders and sub-folders within them? Most of the email users do. Even though web-based clients like Gmail have features to create folders, desktop-based clients such as Outlook offer more sophisticated and efficient way to arrange them.

Export Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird

Losing this hierarchy of folders could be potentially devastasting. Without thousands of emails modern-day users have stored in their email clients, it is not exactly ideal to search the entire database for one email. That is why there are folders to limit your search query and make it more efficient.

There are dozens of other reasons to arrange data in such a way (such as, if you want to share a particular type of folder with someone else). They make managing emails much easier. Without the option to keep everything neatly arranged, things could get terrible. And it is frankly unimaginable today to work without the folders.

Yet, with email migration tasks, it is highly probably that you might lose this folder hierarchy to some extent. Many methods users employ to migrate data across clients leave them with messy folders that are not in their original structure anymore.

This is highly prominent when you export Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. Outlook (Windows version) uses PST files to store information like emails, contacts, calendar, and all other types, which is not compatible with Thunderbird.

To go over this incompatibility, users are required to convert PST files to Thunderbird, and during this transition, the first data error to occur is often the fragmenting the hierarchy.

It is something no one wants and yet with most tools that convert PST have the same problem.

The bigger issue, even if the tools manage to retain the structure with 99% accuracy, the remaining 1% could be huge.

The tool to export Outlook to Thunderbird

This is where ‘PST Converter Pro‘ comes in.

It can convert Outlook (*.pst file) to Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, MS Entourage (*.rge file), MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF etc.

export outlook to mozilla thunderbird

It is built with advanced scripts that have the tendency to not make any changes to the details, structure, or metadata in any way. The dedicated algorithms specifically targeted towards tracing the folder hierarchy gives you 100% accuracy. It holds all the information tightly during the process and never loses or misplaces a single data item.

Comes with ultimate features

Moreover, this also applies to contents like Unicode, headers, graphics/images, nested emails, non-textual attachments, media attachments, large attachments, MIME content, and more. All of these types are also at high risk of getting left behind with generic tools for exporting Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. And, only ‘PST Converter Pro’ offers the power of complete data integrity safety.

You can try using it on your own Outlook database. The free version limits emails and other items per folder to ten, but it is enough for you to test its accuracy regarding folder hierarchy. The free trial also does not lock or disable other notable features the tool has to offer, such as:

  • Saving read/unread emails in separate folders
  • Merging contacts and calendar data per folder to a single VCF and ICS files respectively
  • Converting PST to other formats, such as: Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, and EML (Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the options).
  • Splitting large MBOX files.
  • Option to ignore empty folders and not convert them.

Get it today, Available for both Mac & Win

PST Converter Pro” comes from GLADwev Software. If you are satisfied with the trial version, you can activate using any one of the available licenses that are packaged for varying needs of individuals and companies.

Get it today to export Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird or other file formats.

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