Restore Outlook Mac Database With Highly Calibrated, Precise, and Polished Tool!

Restore Outlook Mac Database is super easy. Here is the tool that can repair, restore and convert Mac Outlook database into many other formats. Read this to know more.

If your Outlook Mac recently crashed due to any failure like network failure, power failure, etc., then it is likely that you have also damaged some or all of your database. Such events are not rare in the computer world, unfortunately. Other causes for data damage or corruption can be viruses, abrupt shutdown, or even the failure of computer parts. Old components used in a computer like RAM or hard disk can also make the data to likely be corrupt.

How to restore Outlook Mac Database?

Therefore, it is always a good idea to always have a nice data backup system in place. Even better if you keep your files safe in a remote location, separate from the main computer.

But you are likely here because you have either lost your Outlook email files or that they are corrupt and you need to repair them.

Restore Outlook Mac database or any other data components of email clients is often the most complicated one for restore Mac Outlook software to handle. This is because emails these days are no longer just text, but can also contain more complex items like images, folders, Unicode and MIME headers, and more. You too might have a lot of these data types in your Outlook Mac database that you cannot likely access easily.

There has been a common way to restore Outlook Mac database corruption and that was to recover the OLM files. OLM is the format Outlook Mac uses for archiving the data.

But if you haven’t noticed, there is a big paradoxical problem with OLM recovery tools, and that is, it is near impossible to archive Outlook data to OLM files after the data corruption has already happened. Therefore, OLM recovery tools only work partially and fail to bring back most of your components.

But all of this has been solved by Gladwev Software through an excellent and high-calibrated tool simply titled “Mac Outlook Database Recovery Tool.”

Restore Outlook Mac Database

Using this Mac Outlook database restore tool, you can easily and safely get back all your damaged Outlook Mac emails. It offers a simple and friendly interface that is laced with multiple useful options and features for added precision and control. And the algorithms that work deep within the databases for Outlook Mac are fully accurate and work for restoring even the smallest file and component.

The most important feature of this Mac Outlook database restore tool is the direct restore from the Identity or Profile folder. As you might know, the data like emails and other items are stored inside the Identity/Profile database with most clients and as well as with Mac Outlook. Because the tool can pick up all the information directly from here, there is no need to fiddle with the data export or OLM Files. And it also delivers high precision.

Other important features of the tool are the option to choose the output format from multiple options. You can of course restore the emails back to Outlook Mac format or OLM file, but you can also choose to restore data and save it in formats such as MBOX, PST, EML, and more.

Many users want to move the data after recovery to other email clients but cannot do so with traditional Outlook Mac database repair applications. But the tool to restore Outlook Mac database, lets you easily restore and also convert the files to whatever format you want to. You can then easily migrate your Outlook Mac emails to Windows Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Postbox, or dozen other email clients that support MBOX and EML format.

Get it to restore Outlook Mac Database

The free trial version works for recover emails from Mac Outlook (free version limitation – 10 emails per folder) and gives you the best possible opportunity to check it out its actual worth as it relates to your needs. The link for downloading free setup file is given below.

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