Repair Outlook Mac Database (Recover Mac Outlook Data)

Repair Outlook Mac Database is a user-friendly tool for Mac users to repair OLM files or Outlook Profile Database Folder Easily and Quickly.

Repair Outlook Mac Database

Outlook for Mac is an excellent email client with lots of features and a user-friendly interface. But there’s one problem that plagues almost all software that deals with data – corruption. When corruption hits and damage your files, there is not much the program on itself can do about it. Same concern applies to Mac Outlook and its’ files.

There are few tools that offer recovery of those corrupt files, but sadly, a large number of such repair tools are not up to the standard. They can be too complex to use by beginners, too slow, not Mac compatible, no support, and other problems. But the worst is that they are not capable of getting to the entire data inside corrupt files and recover all of it.

What matters most is to get your important emails and whatever else that was stored in OLM files or your Outlook for Mac database that’s not corrupt. To get back everything requires advanced recovery algorithms that can target every little component and information.

And that’s where Repair Outlook Mac Database shines through. It allows full data recovery from corrupt OLM files or the database.

Recover Mac Outlook Database Through Several Input Options

One of its best features it that it lets you select your corrupt data for recovery in many ways.

You can choose your primary database folder for Outlook Mac, also called identity or profile. If you choose this option, the tool automatically picks your native or primary database for recovery. You can choose any other backup folder from any location by specifying the location manually. Or, you can choose to recover the corrupt OLM file or files, the native file used by Mac Outlook to store data.

The tool supports all Outlook for Mac versions, including 2011, 2016, Office 365.

The Automatic detect of your main Outlook profile is particular helpful for corrupt cases, because in those cases, you don’t get to archive data to OLM files easily. So, OLM data recovery is often out of the question.

Repair Outlook Mac Database

Easy to Follow UI

If the UI isn’t designed for intuitive use, the advanced features of a software application can lose their value. Sadly, that’s not the case with Repair Outlook Mac Database tool. It has a very simple and very basic UI that anyone can use, even if this is your first time recovering your corrupt files. Simply choose your source of data that you want to restore (native database, backup database, or OLM files), choose folders inside your selection (or let all be selected by default), and that’s all.

Tech Support

The tech support backing up the tool is what makes it a complete package. You can use it for both basic and advanced recovery projects. Any setback you face, any query you might have, you can get in touch and resolve whatever issue you are facing immediately.

Download to Repair Outlook Mac Database

There’s a free trial version available that you can download using the link given below. To activate the free trial version, you can choose any of the licenses, depending on your needs.

Repair Outlook Mac Database tool has finally made it possible for everyone to easily recover their data without efforts. It works directly through the profile folder (OLK) or using OLM files. It’s the simplest and yet most effective solution available today for an otherwise very frustrating problem of data corruption.

Get this Mac App to repair Outlook Mac Database, which will recover Mac Outlook data (OLK14/OLK15) with no hassle.

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