Import Apple Mail to Pst for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook

Import Apple Mail to Pst in a Breeze

Mail Passport Pro” can help you perform a task that is otherwise very nasty. It deals with the task with professionalism and accuracy to the single bit of data.

If you are also wondering how to import Apple Mail to Windows Outlook, “Mail Passport Pro” is your passport for effective and easy import of data. If someone is moving from one email client to the other, it is possible to do easily. However, to move from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook is challenging because it involves two very different types of clients in two different platforms.

import apple mail to pst

There are few manual ways to move your data, but all of them are very difficult to perform, takes a lot of time, and they can never completely convert your data no matter how many times you want to perform it. So the best way is to convert the Mbox files from Apple Mail to Pst files for Windows Outlook. And that’s what “Mail Passport Pro” does the best.

It has an easy step-by-step process that anyone can follow with a little computer skill. The graphical interface is so simply that it doesn’t require any kind of effort from you. It just happens naturally and intuitively.

Now there are two ways to convert the emails to Pst files – through “Mail” folder and through Mbox files. “Mail” folder is a folder that is located inside user library folder on your Mac. If you want to convert through “Mail” folder, simply copy it to the computer where you have installed the tool. Now click on “browse”icon on the tool and locate this “Mail” folder. It is that simply. Once the tool has scanned the entire database, it will show you the folders inside the database, and you can select which folders you want to convert.

After that, click “Next” and in no time the tool will end up giving you the accurate and clean brand new Pst file with all the Apple Mail content inside it, which you can import into Outlook.

All these instructions about where and how to find “Mail” folder and everything you must know, are also given at the graphical interface. So you need not worry about the steps and the instructions. It’s all given for you to make sense.

Import Apple Mail to PST for MS Outlook

Another way to import Apple Mail to Pst, is to convert Mbox files to Pst. For this you have to export your data from Apple Mail to Mbox files first, if you don’t have Mbox files already. This is easy. Mbox files is the primary file format for Apple Mail. So it contains the inbuilt feature to archive and store everything inside Mbox file. Simply select one or more mailboxes, then choose ‘Mailbox’ → Export Mailbox. Choose the location where you want to save Mbox files. Apple Mail will automatically export your mailboxes as .mbox package.

Now, when you launch the tool “Mail Passport Pro”, you simply have to choose the last option (.Mbox file) from the list in the first step, instead of choosing “Apple Mail database”. So now you load the Mbox file, and not the “Mail” folder.

Rest is all done by “Mail Passport Pro” is a completely controlled and professional manner. All your little details and data elements from Apple Mail will be transferred into Pst files with zero modification. Email attachments, embedded images, properties of emails, non-English content, nested messages, folder structure, and even read/unread email status will be safely put into Pst files.

There isn’t any other simpler option that “Mail Passport Pro” to import Apple Mail to Pst yet. So without wasting time, click here to download a free trial edition of the tool and see for yourself.

import Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

Try Mail Passport Pro today to import Apple Mail to PST for Windows Outlook and Windows Outlook.

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