The Finest Mbox to Pst Converter is Finally Here

Have you wondered what it would be like to convert the Mbox files to Pst files (for Outlook) in a way that doesn’t turn your hair white?

It is a difficult task to perform. One of the most difficult in computer world in fact. No matter how hard you try and how many times you try, you will end up losing countless hours, and that too without any satisfying result in the end. The reasons for its complexity and confusion are many, but the biggest reasons is the difference in both of the file formats.

They run in two totally different platforms (Windows and Mac), the data is stored in different ways, and the overall structure of the files are as different as day and night. So it creates a problem for any program to extract the contents from Mbox files and materialize/convert them into Pst.

The biggest fear that often times triumph all others is the feat of incomplete migration and losing the data in the process. Both file format are very complicated and contains much more information that just text from the body of emails. There can be attached graphical data inside the email body, there can be sophisticated files in the form of email attachments, and so on. The biggest concern is not to be able to extract all this information and convert it into Pst files.

But do not worry anymore about all these issues. What you need, what everyone needs, is a powerful Mbox to Pst converter that can perform this dreaded task with impressive accuracy. It’s called “Mail Passport Lite” and you can download it from here.

mbox to pst converter

It has a special programming feature that can interact with your Mbox files thoroughly and convert everything (text, images, folder hierarchy, email attachments, etc.) to Pst without changing anything. With this tool, nothing is lost, nothing is corrupted. You will get the exact replica of Mbox files, only in the form of Pst files, with everything intact.

MBOX to PST Converter Software

Mail Passport Lite” was built for non-expert home users and for professionals both. Therefore, it has a very simple GUI that anyone can use without much trouble. All the features and buttons are clearly organized in simple screens with instructions. So the whole process is as natural and intuitive as any other activity.

You can click here to download it. The download is for a free version that can be used in up to 5 CPUs but only for 10 conversions per folder. To extend it to unlimited conversions, you can buy either the household or commercial license. The difference between household and commercial license is that you can use commercial version in unlimited CPUs.

There is 24×7 customer support for all three versions. And all the updates will also be free for lifetime.

Mail Passport Lite” is the best Mbox to Pst converter that offers an easy and smooth way to migrate your emails to Windows Outlook. Get it today!

MBOX to PST Converter Tools:

If you looking for mbox to pst converter software, you can try any of these tools.

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