EMLX to PST Converter Software That Puts All Your Concerns to Rest!

EMLX to PST converter helps you to convert Apple Mail data into Windows Outlook supported PST file format. Here is the tool you need.

EMLX to PST Converter Software

Mail Passport Pro‘, from Gladwev Software is a sophisticated software solution that puts all the concerns and doubts of EMLX to PST conversion to rest.

But to call it EMLX to PST converter would be misleading. Let’s find out what we mean.

EMLX and PST – What are they?

If you look into your Apple Mail database, you will find *.mbox file packages and if you open them, you will find EMLX files inside them. Each EMLX file contains a single email message and the attachments are inside EMLXPART files, a variant of EMLX format. While, the *.mbox files you can see are not the standard MBOX format.

On the other hand, PST is a file for Windows Outlook.

If you will look for it inside Outlook database, you may not find it. That is because Outlook uses PST as a personal data file for purpose like import/export and archive/backup.

The data file used in Outlook, especially for IMAP accounts and Exchange, is called OST (offline storage table) that is a modified version of PST itself, but not applicable for manual importing into Outlook.

EMLX to PST Converter

EMLX to PST converter gives you a path forward to migrate the emails from Mac Mail into Outlook. Because you cannot simply copy and paste EMLX files into Outlook database, nor can you import it using the in-built import feature of Outlook.

Similarly, you cannot use the *.mbox files or standard MBOX format into Outlook. Only PST formats work!

That is where EMLX to PST converter comes in.

What is Mail Passport Pro?

Mail Passport Pro‘ is a tool that helps you move or migrate Mac Mail to Outlook smartly. It is designed by Gladwev Software in a way that once and for all puts the doubts and concerns of typical EMLX to PST converters to rest.

But it is not exactly an EMLX file converter.

emlx to pst

When you launch the tool, you will get a few options for selecting the input email database you want to convert from the drop-down: Apple Mail database, Apple Mail Mailbox Archive, Outlook Mac (OLM), Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Microsoft Entourage Archive (*.rge), MBOX files, and EML files.

As you can see, there is no EMLX files to load.

There is an option to convert EML, which is a Windows Live Mail file and has no relation with EMLX.

But there is a choice to directly load Apple Mail database or an archived Mailbox. Both options will get your emails ready for conversion to PST without you dealing with the EMLX files.

Time to let go of all other past and obsolete techniques that are not only time consuming but concerning for your data integrity. It can be worse if you have business emails where every little information is sensitive and crucial.

It eliminates the complications that come with conventional EMLX to PST conversion.

emlx to pst converter

Get this EMLX to PST converter software

Mail Passport Pro‘ is a complete and nuanced software solution from Gladwev Software that gives you the freedom and efficiency you needed to move important emails like a smart user.

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