Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion – No Need to Dwell Into Inefficient Solutions and Their Bad User-Interfaces!

Thunderbird to Outlook conversion can be hard. If you have no technical background, it can get even harder. The third-party tools available can make things worse as they don’t have adequate features, friendly interface, and accurate algorithms.

Today, we are bringing to you an excellent way to go through this job or task that most feel intimidated about. It’s called “Mail Passport Pro” and is developed by Gladwev Software to help home users migrate their Thunderbird emails into Outlook easily or professionals to migrate their huge folders into Outlook quickly and with accurate results.

The best part about “Mail Passport Pro” is that it caters to both types of users. This is the direct result of a creative design team that built the interface to minimal and friendly approach. But also at the same time, it brings powerful conversion framework that can handle huge load and preserve integrity and work with an unmatched conversion rate and speed.

Thunderbird to outlook

What “Mail Passport Pro” does is that it takes all elements inside your Thunderbird database, extracts them, and converts them to PST files. PST is a native file of Outlook that stores data and is the only file format that Outlook can read and import.

Let’s take a look at few of its most notable features that users often want but are left wanting with ordinary and generic file converters:

  • Keeping the folder hierarchy same: When you convert email data from one format to other, most utilities cannot map the folder hierarchy correctly. So you will find your folders mismatched; even the entire structure will be lost.
  • Supporting Unicode or MIME defined content conversion: These types of content are often tricky to convert. Unicode means non-English text characters and MIME is a standard to define content like non-text files and Unicode header (to, from, cc, and bcc in non-English language). “Mail Passport Pro” supports all these contents and converts them cleanly.
  • Other data conversion: More than that, email files have more complex set of information like cloud-based links, images or any other graphical objects. All these items are converted to PST files without losing the details.
  • Tech Support: One thing that most companies would often miss out is tech support. If they do claim to offer some kind of support, it’s mostly not that helpful. With Gladwev Software, you are getting 24 x 7 of experts on email migration that will help you whenever you need help of any kind.
  • Other formats conversion:Mail Passport Pro” not only Converts Thunderbird to Outlook PST but also Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, Outlook for Mac (OLM) and MBOX and EML files to PST. All such conversion options have the equal standards of accuracy.

Try out the free demo version. You are not going to be disappointed. The trial mode works on ten items from each folder that Thunderbird contains, enough for you to check out everything in detail.

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