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Mail Passport Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Outlook (OLM), Entourage (RGE), MBOX and EML files to PST file format for Windows & Mac Outlook.

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Mail Passport Pro – The Excellence Shines Through Every Feature!

Gladwev Software created “Mail Passport Pro” to facilitate migration of all popular Mac email clients to PST format for Windows Outlook. It is a one-in-all converter that deals with your migration needs most comprehensively. The exhaustive list of features make it stand out from the rest.

Here are the salient features of “Mail Passport Pro”

Keeps Email Items Preserved!

Emails contain all sorts of stuff; not just text. “Mail Passport Pro” is developed to convert every inch or every bit of your files to your destination. It doesn’t miss out any element like graphical attributes, attachments, or even metadata. The thorough and clean processing of data makes it the most precise conversion tool for Mac email clients to PST.

Converts from Multiple formats!

It’s a complete tool for all Mac email clients, making it the only software application you need for migrating your emails if you are coming from Mac to Windows. It can convert:

  1. Apple Mail to PST files
  2. Mac Outlook 2019/2016/2011 (OLM) to PST files
  3. Thunderbird to PST files
  4. Entourage 2004/2008 (RGE) to PST files
  5. Postbox to PST files
  6. MBOX and EML files to PST files


The Easiest Interactive Tool!

Advanced features don’t amount to much if you can’t use them easily. That’s not the case with “Mail Passport Pro,” fortunately. The clever design decisions by the team led to the most intuitive email migration tool in this category. It’s the only app that can be used by beginners without going through any sort of tutorial, learning, or training.

Mirrors the Structure of Folders Perfectly!

Your folders like “Travel,” “Work,” “Family,” etc. will all be converted from the email client of your choice to PST files without damaging the order, or as called folder hierarchy. The tool features specially written logic that’s dedicated to detect the structure and keep it unharmed during transition.

Smooth, Bug-Free Conversion

The smooth data-flow from input to output is the result of precise programming at its core that makes it the fastest tool. It could perform conversion with the rate of 1 GB per ten minutes. You could expect no sluggish behavior, no annoying bugs, no frequent crashes, or no unexpected errors while its running. The smooth flow of conversion amounts to more productivity for the end users.

Converts Every Language

The best part of emailing is instant communication with any part of the world. That inevitably brings the world together, and that means, more non-English emails than ever. “Mail Passport Pro” is equipped with full support for Unicode standard text that will convert even the most complicated characters (like double-byte, used in Japanese and Chinese languages) perfectly.

The Graphical Wizard — Just Three Steps!

Fortunately, “Mail Passport Pro” is advanced enough to leave behind the ordinary tools’ procedures for converting Mac email clients’ data. They feel no less than a hard puzzle. In contrast, here you get a simple four step graphical wizard that feels natural and yet completely flexible and efficient.

  • Start by choosing the files or email clients that you want to convert (such as MBOX or Thunderbird) and choosing the location of the database or the files.
  • Select/deselect the folders within the selection
  • Click “Next” and the conversion will begin.

That is just it!

Convert your Data for Free in the Trial Mode!

Do you want to see how it works but not yet ready to buy it?

There is a good news. The free trial version is available on the link below. You can instantly download the free trial setup for Windows (.exe format), install it, and get started. It will probably take less than two minutes for everything to be set up to begin conversion.

The trial mode has no restriction on the features for up to ten items per folder. It’s the best possible way to see how it works in action, check out the details of all of its features, get comfortable with the interface, and when you are confident with its potential, use one of the several licenses to activate it according to your needs.

You will not be looking back ever. This will be the best application you will ever need for anything concerning email migration from Mac email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, etc. to Windows Outlook PST files.

Download it right now!

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Mail Passport Pro
Mail Passport Pro


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