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Outlook Email Address Extractor is a professionally designed tool or extractor to extract email addresses from the mailbox within outlook for windows (PST). Compatibility with windows system it extracts email address for the entire mailbox including TO, CC, BCC and body of the mail. It extracts email addresses and makes a list of all addresses and easily can be opened in Excel sheet .CSV format.  It extract the original email address and align it in such a way to make it useful further. It can extract any amount of email addresses and make list of contacts. Outlook Email Extractor is a useful tool and without ant loss and tampering of data you can feel its speed and accuracy during extraction process. From all your folders and subfolders including, inbox, sent box, outbox and any other folder include any fresh and new email id extract just smartly. It is the task of minutes. Data up to 100 GB can be extracted within minutes.

Why should you choose Outlook Email Address Extractor

Outlook Email Address Extractor is one of the best email address extractor for outlook windows. Its compatibility with Windows makes it more reliable to run and make a spreadsheet form of addresses. It extracts addresses from the entire mailbox and makes a single file of it to make it compatible with Excel. It is easy to operate and anyone with less knowledge of technology can operate it can get the result. It is virus free so you won’t need to worry about your system. We are offering almost half price for this amazing product than industry. It performs its task smoothly without any data loss and error in system. During the conversion it will show each and every address extracting. Just in one go it will churn the entire mailbox and will extract the addresses.

Features of Outlook Email Address Extractor

  • Extract Email Addresses from Windows Outlook (PST)

    Major task of the tool is to extract email address from the entire mailbox and make a list of the extracted email ids so that it could be open within Excel/ spreadsheet. It extracts each and every email address from the mailbox including Inbox, Sent Box, Outbox and so on.

  • Extract All Email Address With Zero Error

    We have created the extractor in a professional way and without harming any data and system during run it can be operated smoothly. It ensures 100% safety of your system and each and every file.

  • No restriction on file size

    With Email id farmer there is no data size restriction and any amount of address data can be extracted in just one go. We have tasted on up to 100 GB file for this tool. It can extract more than it.

  • No Data Loss

    Outlook Email Extractor preserves all further data and there is no loss of data during conversion. Our tool performs its task without harming your system and data. It just needs very lasso’s space to install and perform.

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