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OLM to PST Converter Ultimate can auto detect your Mac Outlook database and convert it (olm file) to PST file format for Windows Outlook.

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OLM to PST Converter Ultimate – The Modern, Effective Approach to Mac to Windows Outlook Conversion!

“OLM to PST Converter Ultimate” is powered by the modern algorithms and programming that makes email migration from Mac to Windows Outlook a breeze. It offers both manual and automatic data conversion. And the magic lies in its automatically loading of Mac Outlook database that changes the entire ways of exporting emails between the clients.

It is extremely intuitive to use, requiring no experience or technical awareness of email migration. The tool can process and extract information with 100% precision, leaving your data integrity intact. Your folder hierarchy, non-English text, metadata and everything else will be preserved during OLM to PST, or Mac Outlook to PST conversion.

Auto-load Mac Outlook Database – No Hassle of OLM to PST conversion anymore!

The Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook conversion is usually done through OLM to PST transformation. The traditional third-party file converters require data to be archived into OLM and then they convert it into PST.

“OLM to PST Converter Ultimate” leaves that old and inefficient approach behind. Now, it may say “OLM to PST” in its name, but it can do a lot more than that in a lot better ways.

The special ‘Auto-load’ feature automatically gets your data from Outlook profile (previously called identity). You don’t need to manually archive emails into OLM file. This autoload approach works quickly and more importantly, it delivers sharp precision and accuracy in an unprecedented manner. Nothing ever is converted partially. Nothing is ever left behind. From the tiniest data element to the large files, the tool converts the entire database cleanly and thoroughly.

The benefits of auto-load feature also make the job much easier to non-experts. They can now convert data in a single click, as opposed to the manual OLM conversion that requires a whole labyrinth of steps to overcome and solve. The total time required to move your contents from Mac to Windows Outlook is reduced to at least half.

Other Notable Features Making it the Best App for Outlook for Mac data Migration

“OLM to PST Converter Ultimate” is built by the exceptional team at Gladwev Software. It is being developed without any loose threads or missing features. Everything and anything that you need to make it happen with best results, the tool offers that.

Here is a list of its notable features:

  1. Autoload Mac Outlook Database directly from the profile/identity directories. No need for OLM files. And thus, the accuracy, speed, and the ease of use that it offers is unmatched.
  2. Runs directly on Mac. No messing around with inefficient Windows based solutions, which are clearly outdated and inefficient. The Mac compatibility allows the tool to deal with Mac Outlook profile folder without any glitches.
  3. Converts non-English text like Chinese and Korean and any other language with exceptional accuracy. None of the characters are ever missed. Most tools fail to pick up text other than ASCII standard. But “OLM to PST Converter Ultimate” supports all kinds of encoding standards like Unicode, UTF-8, and so on. Never worry about the emails from international clients or friends.
  4. Maps out the folder hierarchy correctly. You won’t find a single folder misplaced in output PST files. Folder hierarchy is an important part of any email database that makes it possible to manage emails with sufficient productivity. And the email migration tasks usually mess up that hierarchy. Not this tool. It will keep every folder at its original place.
  5. Higher data integrity preservation. Every small item is neither lost or modified. From metadata to SMTP headers, from email attachments to images, from S/MIME encrypted messages to nested messages – you get the cleanest conversion that wasn’t possible before. There will be no data-fragmentation, something that makes even the experts intimidated and anxious about OLM to PST conversion.
  6. Intuitive interface: The auto-load feature makes it very natural and intuitive to use even for beginners. But the rest of the sophisticated features are also unified with its user-friendly GUI that you won’t find a single thing confusing. You don’t need any assistance in using the tool.
  7. Allows you to split large PST files and to set your preferred size for PST files. It’s very important to keep the size under limit or else the large PST files may not get easily imported into Windows Outlook.
  8. Custom option to traditionally convert OLM to PST files if required. But the auto-load is recommended. Some users might have OLM files from other users as well. In that case, Autoload might not be relevant. But this custom option enables them to load OLM files and convert them to PST. And if you are doing so, the tool offers the support for batch conversion as well.
  9. Converts contacts and calendar data as well. And lets you merge all contacts and all calendar entries in default “Contacts” and default “Calendar” in Windows Outlook respectively.
  10. It’s light, bug-free, and runs very quickly.
  11. Around the clock support for any issues or queries


“OLM to PST Converter Ultimate” is built as a complete package for the job, not merely a file converter. That’s the reason why it goes beyond any other traditional tool that’s available for OLM to PST conversion. Gladwev Software incorporated plenty of innovative algorithms that take care of your data, converts each element with precision, and at the same time, offers blazing fast data conversion. You can convert 1 GB of data in less than ten minutes.

Give it a try!

It’s understandable that you may have doubts. If you want to clear them up, the best way is to use the tool directly.

The free trial version makes it possible to check out all the features without restriction on any features stated above, up to ten items per folder. You can use it for as long as you want that will help you make up your mind.

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OLM to PST Converter Ultimate
OLM to PST Converter Ultimate


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