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OLM Converter Ultimate can auto detect your Mac Outlook 2019/2016/2011 Database (OLM) and convert into Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX and EML file format including emails, contacts, calendars etc.

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OLM Converter Ultimate – Convert Mac Outlook Data Directly from Identity/Profile Database!

With “OLM Converter Ultimate,” Gladwev Software has excelled in every part that delivers the best migration results possible. It reaches far beyond what any conventional OLM file converter ever has. “OLM Converter Ultimate” lets you convert Mac Outlook data directly from the profile/identity database folders, making OLM files unnecessary at best.

That impacts the entire migration experience and turns it into a simple, quick, and highly accurate process that no other typical tool can match.

Most Impressive Feature of “OLM Converter Ultimate”

Here is the most impressive feature of “OLM Converter Ultimate,” and why it has changed the paradigm around email migration industry.

Direct Profile/Identity Conversion: No need to go through the manual hassle of archiving Outlook data to OLM files. “OLM Converter Ultimate” will automatically load the contents from the profile folder (also called identity) and easily convert it to the format of your choice.

This significantly increases the accuracy of the conversion, since the tool deals with the source of data, and not any archived files. It also reduces the total time required, and makes it surprisingly simple for non-experienced users. Just compare the one-click method of Auto-load with the manual approach of OLM files, and you’ll see!

Other Salient Features – Making it the Most Expert’s Recommended Tool!

Want to know what are all the other features that quickly made it into the experts’ radar and also became the favorite Mac Outlook conversion tool?

Then read the features below:

  1. Extremely simple interface provides a smooth experience even if you don’t know anything. All the advanced functionality is integrated into a smooth and intuitive GUI, making it a natural to use conversion tool.
  2. Contacts and calendar: You can convert the contacts and calendar tool to VCF and ICS file respectively. And even merge the items per folder into a single respective file.
  3. Custom option for OLM files: the auto-load option is not for you? Don’t worry. You can still choose the custom option to load OLM files. But it’s not recommended unless you don’t have any other choice.
  4. Batch Conversion: If you do need to convert OLM files traditionally, you can choose to convert them in bulk without negatively affecting the performance.
  5. High Precision and Data Integrity safety: Email migration is infamous for ruining the fidelity of emails. “OLM Converter Ultimate” is different. The inner framework of algorithms and dedicated logic makes sure none of your email items are lost or not converted with precision. You will see no changes or integrity failures in your output files. The tool can convert:
    1. Email items like To, From, Subject
    2. Images inside email bodies
    3. Nested messages
    4. Email attachments
    5. And everything else
  6. Unicode Support: “OLM Converter Ultimate” can convert text in any language, including Japanese, Chinese, or Korean (that uses double-byte characters). In other words, it supports Unicode text encoding standard that encompasses all others such as ASCII or UTF.
  7. Keeps folder hierarchy same: If you have emails arranged in folders, and the folders have a complicated hierarchy, you most certainly cannot afford to convert Outlook data in any other way. Because “OLM Converter Ultimate” is the only tool that fully supports the accurate mapping of folders and their structure from input to Output. None of your folders and their location will be misplaced.

See How It Works

“OLM Converter Ultimate” has made some major changes to how Mac Outlook data is migrated to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or other clients. Its major point is that it can directly load data without using OLM files.

So, there is no point in delaying anymore.

If you want to see how it works, you can check out the free trial mode that works for ten items per folder but allows you to fully go through any feature and evaluate the tool’s true value in person. When you are ready, you can activate it to the full version and unlock the limitation of ten items.

Get “OLM Converter Ultimate” now. You won’t regret it.

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OLM Converter Ultimate
OLM Converter Ultimate


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