What Can You Do After Outlook Mac has Crashed and Damaged the Database!

“Crash” is never a pleasant-sounding word, no matter what the context. In the world of computers and especially with software like email clients that handles sensitive data, it is even worse. When a program like Outlook stops functioning and exists without properly saving data (due to whatever reasons), that’s called a crash. It could happen due to power failure, network failure, or even internal error in Outlook software.

What to do if Outlook Mac Crashed

In some cases, the implications are no more severe than just a loss of a few minutes during work. But at other times, there are some serious consequences that could lead to loss of data and several hours of hard work to repair all of it back. Mac Outlook too have to face the consequences of a crash that often damages the database where emails were saved.

Now, you could try manually rebuilding the database, and if you were lucky and the damage was minimal, maybe that approach would work. But sadly, it is rare that after a proper crash of Mac Outlook while data items were open, you could rebuild database completely and accurately. In those cases, a utility might help that is build with extra steps than just rebuilding and reindexing. Those utilities work with the corrupt data in a unique and sharp way to recover all emails and information correctly.

One such utility that is heavily recommended is simply named as “Repair Outlook Mac Database,” because it does best what is refereed in its name. It is the finest utility/program to repair Outlook Mac database completely.

Where it improves upon the other less accurate recovery tools is in the way it targets the complex parts of a Mac Outlook database. Some of the examples would be Unicode (non-English) text in email headers, graphics, and large attachments. The means of recovery were written in a much more sophisticated and smart way than what is usually found with such recovery programs. “Repair Outlook Mac Database” does not simply rebuild the database, but also processes the information that was damaged and get it back to full health. While doing so, you would find all the structure, folder hierarchy, formatting, and other metadata to be exactly the same as before crash.

Such precision in data recovery is hard to get, but this tool makes it possible. 100% data recovery after crash is what you will get, including all the finer details and metadata.

Lastly, you get to choose the format in which the recovered data can be exported/saved. You can of course choose to recover it back in Outlook Mac format, which is what most users would be looking for. But in case you also need to migrate the data to other clients, you can choose from formats like PST, EML, MBOX, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird. It makes the job much easier when you want to recover and migrate data at the same time. And you wouldn’t even need two different tools for recovery and for converting files.

Pick up your own free trial copy and find out more about it. The tool comes packed with all essential features like friendly interface, has zero bugs, is backed up by technical support team, and much more. You can check out the trial version in your own way and see how notably it stands apart from other similar Mac Outlook recovery tools.

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