OST to PST Converter Tool Powered by Dynamic Algorithms for Complete Data Conversion!

When you use an ordinary OST to PST converter tool developed without consideration of modern-day complexity found with most email-related files. Such tools do not work with precision and can end up giving you incomplete or broken files. They also botch up the structure of data, such as the hierarchy of folders, conversational style emails, headers, and more.

Today we discuss one of the very OST to PST converter tools that is powered by intelligent algorithms that cover the entire range of information and complex data components to give you perfect, clean, and precise output without any errors. This tool works with your OST files in a calibrated way that does not mess up the structure or metadata. If you were anxious about losing some parts of your database during conversion, this tool will put your mind at ease. Whatever the contents of the files are, you will get complete and exhaustive output with everything intact.

The Smart OST to PST Converter Tool!

ost to pst converter tool

Brough to you by GLADwev Software, one of the leading names in email migration domain, the tool is simply titled “OST to PST Converter Pro“. The foundation was laid by smart logic for processing the complicated data types and hierarchies. Below are three common examples of those data types that were most vulnerable during OST to PST conversion, but this tool’s brilliant power of smart algorithms resolves that problem with finesse:


Emails are not merely text based these days. You probably receive and send emails with a lot of graphics: photos, graphs, icons and logos, and more. With traditional sort of OST to PST converter tools, you would find that the output emails in PST format often have missing spots in the place where images were located originally. That is not the case with this tool. The OST to PST Converter tool works with the graphics embedded within emails in a specialized and accurate way to give you clean conversion without any graphical component missing.

Folder hierarchy:

One of the best uses of modern day email clients like Outlook and others (and that of IMAP based email providers) is that they allow efficient management of emails in folders and sub-folders. But sadly, that hierarchy of folders gets messed up during email migration projects, mainly when you convert OST to PST files. This OST to PST Converter Tool takes care of that with tact and discretion. It’s mechanism of mapping the folders from OST to PST is pretty accurate, keeping every folder and the sub-folders within in their original location without disturbing the directory index or location.

Unicode/non-English content:

If you are a modern day business email user, it is likely that somewhere within your OST files, there is a non-English content. Such text uses the Unicode encoding standard, whereas English uses only ASCII standard. Unicode also contains special characters that are not part of the standard ASCII. With generic email file converters, you are bound to find such content converted with errors and gaps. This sort of data integrity loss is very common during conversion of OST to PST files, as most of the applications do not natively support Unicode conversion. But this OST to PST Converter tool does. It comes with targeted support to process such non-English text, even from headers and links, and retain all their original formatting.

All other email components:

As it would be clear after a single look at your data, emails are not merely text-based. It is likely that each email contains a lot more than just text. The evolution and rapid development of email providers, emailing communication protocols, and the clients that communicate with servers have made this the most common and efficient mode of communication. But the same lushness of data and information makes the job of migration tough, as the tool tasked with conversion must be diligent and accurate enough to take all that into account.

We discussed three of such components that are otherwise not converted cleanly, except by professional tools like “OST to PST Converter Pro.” But there are more examples that you can easily find with each and every single email you have. HTTPS links, email addresses, embedded cloud-based files, appointment requests, rich text formatting, HTML based formatting, nested emails, large files as attachments, email flag statuses, email categories and labels, and much more.

If you want to convert OST to PST while keeping all that elements of a database secured and retain them after conversion, only “OST to PST Converter Pro” should be your choice of converter tool. Half of the ordinary tools found online today do not convert everything, but even the rest of them convert data through poorly-devised logic that can modify the meta-data and the structure, even if technically the data is converted fully.

Besides the accuracy, the tool also brings many other features to you:

  • Ability to repair, recover and convert data from ost to pst..
  • Option to split large PST files by specifying the size limit you find appropriate.
  • Option to remove all empty folders in a single click
  • Option to manually uncheck any unwanted folders you do not wish to migrate
  • High speed of conversion without compromising the stability and precision
  • Works completely offline
  • Simple and intuitive UI that appeals to non-advanced users likewise
  • 24 x 7 technical support of GLADwev Software
  • Multiple licensing choices, ranging from personal to household to large IT departments of corporations
  • Free trial

Get it today

“OST to PST Converter Pro” is not like most other OST to PST converter tools. It was designed to keep the intricacies and richness of files like OST and PST. GLADwev Software worked diligently to bring about the next-gen algorithms that can trace, index, retain, and convert all kinds of information with safety and accuracy. If you want to see it for yourself, you can try out the free demo edition that is available today at no cost.

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