Windows Live Mail to PST Converter

Windows Live Mail to Pst Converter

If you are here, you certainly are moving your emails (or/and other data) from Windows Mail to Windows Outlook. But you are confused about how to do it. Or more precisely, you are worrying about which Windows live Mail to Pst converter to use.

Do not worry. Email migration may be a little daunting and confusing at first, but it is certainly doable through the use of quality file converters. What you need is a software built carefully and upon efficient framework for data handling. Moreover, it should have clean design of interface so as to offer comfort and user-friendliness.

Windows Live mail store emails and other items in Eml files. And, they are not compatible with Windows Outlook. For Windows Outlook, you need Pst files. The challenge arises because Eml and Pst files are two very different file extensions. The data inside Pst files is not stored under the same structural way as in Eml. For instance, your folder hierarchy inside Eml files may have different coding information than it has for Pst. Thus, it gets hard to create Pst files with exactly the same information as with Windows Live Mail EMl files.

But, with a help of a quality Converter, it can be done easily. We have been recommending “Mail passport Lite” for many years now. It has essentially all those virtues that make any software worthy of praise. Take, for example, its interface. It does not only offer simplicity in converting Eml to Outlook Pst, but through the use of interactive wizard, you also get huge flexibility in the way you want to convert the files. And, the myriad of features are so cleverly implanted into the graphical interface that it does not overload it, and the person using it does not feel overwhelmed.

But, interface is just the first impression you would get. Once, you will start using it properly for your Eml to Pst migration needs, you would realize the tool’s ultimate sophistication. Through employing sharp logic of data interaction, the tool will give you very accurate Pst files which would be surprisingly same to original Eml files.

Most users are worried about losing the status of read/unread mails. Also, the arrangement of your folders, attachments, information like tags, signature, labels, and metadata such as, to, subject, from, cc, bcc, – all of these elements are generally very volatile and are lost when a tool interacts with the files. But, that is not the case with “Mail Passport Lite“. It holds every element tightly, scan your eml file comprehensively, looking for the smallest part of an information, and impressively bringing the whole data to Pst files.

Windows Live Mail to PST Converter

You can try Mail Passport Lite or Mail Passport Pro for Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion (EML to PST).

Do not delay anymore? The too’s special effort to ease the process for beginners will delight you. Moreover, the live support takes care of any occasional setbacks in a very helpful manner.

Try the free edition today here, and convert 10 items from eml to Pst for each folder without any risk.

Get it today!

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