Most Common reasons for Pst corruption and how can you repair Pst file

How to Repair Corrupted PST file

Pst corruption is not a one-time occurrence. The following reasons stated below can cause your Pst to be damaged. This will make the data either inaccessible or very difficult to access. The Outlook does not respond properly and some of the content inside the files will not be shown.

Here’s what has caused many people to panic

Size of Pst files – The legacy versions of Outlook do not support big sized Pst files. Be aware of how big your Pst file is getting. Do not let it exceed 2GB for Outlook 2002 and earlier. Latest versions can support upto 50GB, but it is generally preferrable to never let it reach that size. Keep on trimming your data so as to keep the size small for better performance.

Be careful of batch operation – In offices, generally users tend to perform actions on all of their emails or contacts at same time. Do not operate with a large number of files in one go. Outlook tends to freeze or crash when you select, move, copy, or delete anything in large number, which can result in Pst corruption.

Some more software related causes for Pst damage can be

  • virus attack (use good antivirus)
  • Interference of third party programs
  • Interference of antivirus. At a false alarm, some antivirus can lead to Pst corruption so as to protect the computer. Set your preferences carefully.
  • Outlook plug-ins. If installing any outlook plugin causes the Outlook to behave oddly, quickly uninstall it.

Other than that, there are also few hardware reasons that can also lead to Pst corruption.

Power failure – Abrupt shutdown of the system, and with that, the abrupt closing of Outlook is one of the frequent reasons for Pst corruption. Always make sure you are connected to power properly, or the battery is enough to allow you to work for some time. Also, make sure you have closed the Outlook before you shutdown the system. In some cases, mostly in windows XP and older, if you shutdown the system when the Outlook is running, it can happen that the computer force close Outlook, and thus, causing the damage to files.

  • Bad sectors in Hard disk where Pst files are stored
  • Issues with the network that connect your Pst files to your computer

Most of the hardware reasons are unavoidable, unless you can spend millions to install your own wires across the whole office. You can, however, use the quality hardware as possible.

How to repair Pst file

You can follow as much precaution as you can, the files can still be corrupted for the causes outside of your control.

This section will deal with what to do after the Pst file is corrupted.

“Outlook Pst Repair Pro”

A convenient option is to use a proper Pst repair tool to repair the Pst file, and “Outlook Pst repair Pro” is one of such tools. It has been tested and examined several times before recommendation. Moreover, many experts have already recommended the tool for safe Pst recovery.

Here are some salient features

  • Systematic Graphical wizard to recover Pst file
  • Interactive and user-friendly
  • Fast recovery of big Pst files
  • Thorough and complete recovery of every item


To be on safer side, you can apply the solutions stated in the first half of the article. Here are the summaries of how you can protect your Pst files

  • always keep power connected
  • Use battery or CPU to prevent power failure
  • Do not let Pst files get bigger (2 Gb in older Outlook versions, and 10 GB in Latest versions)
  • Perform operations on less items at the same time. Do not move, copy, or delete more than thousand files at the same time.
  • Use proper antivirus
  • Use trustable Outlook plugins

Trial version for Outlook Pst repair tool

You can download the trial edition of “Outlook Pst Repair tool” here. It will repair 10 items from damaged Pst file for each folder. If it does the task as expected, go for the full license.

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