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PST Repair Tool

One of the most overwhelming things in the computer world is the data corruption. Not only the source of corruption is challenging to find, but recovering the files is close to impossible. Outlook in Windows has always had this problem since it was launched. Pst files, the outlook data files, can be corrupted due to several reasons and that could lead to Outlook behaving badly.

Today, we look at a tool that boldly challenges Pst corruption issues and claiming to have the solution. We will find it the main points about the tool, and how true is its claim.

“Outlook Pst Repair tool” is a windows repairing utility that comes in use when you can’t access your Pst files properly due to corruption. But, that would be an understatement. The tool’s troubleshooting quality for damaged Pst files exceed the general expectations by miles.

Up until now, it was believed that there are several cases of corruption where the files can never be repaired. Moreover, it was also believed that any repairing utility cannot bring back the whole data from Pst files. “Outlook Pst Repair tool” challenges both of those notions.

In our discreet tests for the tool, we observed that it was able to resurrect the most intensely damaged files as well. And, the quality of restored data was remarkable. Compared to other tools, this one transcends the results of Pst restoration to a different level. You can expect the repairing upto the smallest unit of digital data.

By “repairing upto the smallest unit of digital data” it means that even the smallest bit of info inside the damaged Pst files will be brought back to life. Such as, the order of your folders. Many times, it has been observed that the order of folders is shuffled and disordered after the recovery. Now the modification in folder hierarchy may not be that big an issue for some users, but for those who had many folders arranged smartly just before the corruption, the issue can be annoying.

Just as the folder hierarchy can be restored using this tool, we observed the same with imbedded graphics, non-English characters, and email properties as well. Imbedded graphics (images, graphics, pie charts, and other items) can be hard to preserve. More often than not, a user finds the images broken or completely lost. This tool was able to bring a pleasant change to that concern.

Non-English content is the another matter for worry. Who does not receive mails in other languages other than English? The guess is, not many. Internet has shortened the space between us, and working with clients all the world is common. But, the ordinary Pst repairing tools fail to restore those characters from the damaged Pst files. This one can! It generates the new Pst files in a unicode text encodings, which can save any language text, including chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.

Other than the quality of repairing Pst files, we also found these following notable features –

– easy GUI to recover files systematically
– Fast recovery regardless of big Pst files
– supports splitting of Pst files into smaller ones
Most of the Pst repair tools work by repairing Pst files’ headers and ignore the other elements, which they fail to either detect or do anything about them. If the files are too damaged, the ordinary Pst repair tools themselves destroy the file attributes and restore the ones that were fortunately weren’t damaged beyond recovery. Microsoft’s own repairing program, Scanpst.exe, itself does not include many important contents inside Pst files. It also fail to deal with big sized Pst files.

“Outlook Pst repair Pro” has none of that issues.

Why don’t you give it a try right now without any risk!

The free version can be downloaded here, and it will allow you to restore 10 items from each Pst file for each folder inside it.

Go for it without any delay!

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