Simple User-interface oriented tool to Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

The task of converting Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook is a devil in disguise. Firstly, it is not only about the shift of emails from one client to other, it is also about the shift in operating systems. Mac and Windows are two different platforms that operates under different framework; and thus, Mac and Windows Outlook are different as well.

To ease the suffering of users trying to convert Mac Outlook (Olm files) to Windows Outlook (Pst), there is a new tool called “Olm to Pst Converter Pro“. It has the ability of extracting data rigorously, without a single bit of data loss, and performs each operation with a fast speed. The tool’s in-depth scan technology will dig up every single element from Olm files, be it your emails with their imbedded properites, or contacts with their detailed information. It is programmed in a way to offer the comprehensive and fullness of data transition.

Until now, you have had problems with moving your elements from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook as there was no appropriate means to implement the obtained data from Olm to Pst in a compatible manner. Some tools could produce decent results by stretching their data-scan function wider, so as to detect even a small unit of data. But where they failed was when it came to implement the data into Pst files, not just extraction. It got harder and harder to “insert” a small byte of info from Olm to Pst files.

The challenge lied in creating the obtained data compatible with Windows Outlook in the same way as it was in Mac Outlook. For instance, the images that you recevie inside your emails may often times come broken or missing when you migrate the data ordinarily. It may be because either the file converted that you used failed to pick up that imbedded graphic, or it failed to inject the graphic into Pst files for Outlook to read.

This is not the case with “Olm Converter Pro”. It is very sharply detailed and exclusive with how it interacts with data.
Unique programming is employed to create unicode text encodings so the non-English characters are preserved. Similarly, the logic to preserve the imbedded images (or other graphics, graphis, charts, bars, etc) inside an email is precise and elaborated.

The same mindfulness in development ensured the safeguarding of all the following elements

– Folder structure
– email properties, To, Cc, Bcc, From, Time, and Date
– imbedded objects as, excel sheets and word docs
– original read/unread status of emails

Thus, “Olm to Pst Converter Pro” acts as a protective agent for your data that makes sure no integrity is lost. Every single and tiniest fragments from your original Olm files will be preserved when it converts them to Pst format.

Besides, the simple GUI, fast speed of conversion, other customizable options, distinct support for contact and calendar files, and a live support will make the task much easier.

The task will no more be like a devil in disguise. It will be the most easiest job in all its entirety.

Give it a try. The free version can be downloaded here, which allows 10 conversions from Olm to Pst from each folder.

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