Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 (both Mac and Windows)

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016

There are countless blog posts on how to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016. The reason is that many people switch to Windows from Mac and thus have to change their email client. But sadly, there is no proper official tool or in-built feature in Mac Mail or Outlook 2016 that lets them make the transition effortlessly.

So these blog posts mentioning the solution is what many people tend to. The problem with many of these methods is that these are manual solutions and requires a lot of effort on your part. And even after all that hard work, the transfer of Mac Mail data to Outlook 2016 is incomplete and contains numerous anomalies (inaccuracy of data).

The best recommend by experts is through the conversion of database files. Mbox is a format that Mac Mail uses, and Pst is the format that Outlook uses. So you can convert Mbox to Pst to help you with the transition, and then simply import the converted Pst files into Outlook 2016. But this also requires a file converter program that can convert the data effectively.

One of the best of these programs is called “Mail Passport Pro”. And it is called best for two reasons – Accuracy of conversion and its ability to convert directly from “Mail” folder.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 Safe and Easy


Email technology has come a long way in recent years. Emails aren’t no more just a simple text messages. They can contain virtually anything, from graphical data to complicated file formats as attachments. And the data inside these email clients such as Mac Mail and Outlook can store further information that helps management of emails make easy, such as the hierarchy of folders.

Sadly, the conversion of data can result in the loss of all these details and information. You may end up losing a big chunk of your database.

But not with “Mail Passport Pro”. That’s what makes it so special. It has a fantastic conversion algorithm that takes care of even the tiniest piece of information and successfully implement it into your Pst files. Email attachments, the graphical data that is embedded into emails, the structure (hierarchy) of your folders and sub-folders, the properties of emails (to, cc, bcc, subject, from, time and date, etc.), nested messages, and everything else is extracted from Mac Mail database and is put into Pst files with no amount of unwanted changes or corruption.

mac mail to outlook 2016

Directly Convert from “Mail” folder

Inside your user library folder, you will find a folder named “Mail”. This is the folder where Apple/Mac Mail contains all the contents such as emails and every info attached to them.

The great feature of “Mail Passport Pro” is the ability to load the data from this “Mail”folder. If you don’t have this folder in the Mac that you are using and where you installed the tool, don’t fret. All you have to do is copy the “Mail” folder from the computer where it is stored into the computer where you have installed the tool. And then simply load this folder from that same location.

Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 through this method helps in accurately converting the data into Pst files. It eliminates an additional step of exporting your mailboxes from Mac Mail into .mbox packages.

However, “Mail Passport Pro” also has this additional option to load “Mbox” file just in case you don’t have any “Mail” folder.

Other Features

The two features stated above are the top most features that makes “Mail Passport Pro” the best for this task of exporting/converting Mac Mail to Outlook 2016. But there are many other functionalities that makes the tool flexible and more effective.

Easy GUI – The design of the interface is very user-friendly. Even the most basic level of computer user will be able to use it with no trouble.

Complete one-in-all tool for all your Mac email clients solutions – The tool also offers multiple other types of email migrations. Basically, you can convert your emails from any of your Mac email client (Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, Eml format) to Pst files.

Folder Preview – Once the “Mail” folder or the Mbox file is loaded, you get the preview of all the folders inside the selected database, and you can choose which folders to convert and which not to.

Grab your free copy now!

There is a free trial edition to “Mail Passport Pro” that only converts 10 items from each folder to Pst files. This is a great way to see how it works without any risk. You can download this edition and export Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 hassle free.

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