Find Your Way Home with This Excellent Thunderbird Mail to PST Converter!

Mail Passport Pro” is a one-in- all email migration utility that lets uses convert or migrate their email
data from several Mac based email clients or data files into PST files for Windows Outlook. Moving
data from Mac email client to Windows’ can be frustrating, to say the least. There are no official, in-
built features on either side of the email clients that can make the process simple or efficient. And
therefore, you have to rely on third-party software applications.

This post will talk about “Mail Passport Pro,” which can convert a lot of email files but for this post,
we are focused on its Thunderbird to PST conversion abilities.

First of all, it’s a Windows based app, whereas Thunderbird is a cross-platform client that can be
used in both Mac and Windows.

Now, why is “Mail Passport Pro” the most recommended converter for this task? There are dozens of
reasons behind its popularity and efficiency. Some of them are more generic in nature that every
professional software application has. But its power and uniqueness lie in the dedicated algorithms
that specially target the Thunderbird data and all the intricate information contained within the

After an easy interface, tech support, flexibility, and speed, the last and the most important thing
that remains is the clean conversion of everything that a Thunderbird database contains. And since
email clients have the most complex set of components, like headers, MIME define emails, Unicode
text characters, attachments, graphical objects, email addresses, and other such tricky items – data
conversion often becomes challenging.

Only “Mail Passport Pro” has a complete set of algorithms and a unified framework that can handle
this sophisticated form of data extraction cleanly and safely. You will never notice any error or
missing components.

The dedicated scripts implemented make sure that the tool reaches to every item of your database
and are safely reconstructed into PST format.

Other important features of ‘Mail Passport Pro’ are worth noting, such as:

  • Simple user-interface: If all the features are helpful and advanced, but a poorly built UI makes
    them hard to use, then there’s not much benefit of those features. “Mail Passport Pro” has a
    minimalistic interface that any beginner can use intuitively without having to go through all
    the complex technical aspects of the email migration tasks.
  • Maps the folder hierarchy correctly from Thunderbird to PST files. Without the folders and
    without their specific arrangements, your database can become too huge and uncoordinated.
    During email migration through ordinary tools, this hierarchy of folders is often damaged. But
    not with “Mail Passport Pro.”
  • 24×7 Tech support: Even though it has a simple interface and the tool itself is free of bugs, it’s
    the users’ particular files and databases that can sometimes cause problems during
    conversion. Or, there could be other unseen complications in few cases. That’s when the
    excellent support staff of Gladwev Software comes into picture. They will help you go through this
    process with ease and speed.

Try the demo version to see all this in action. You will realize that the common notion regarding
difficultly and data loss during Thunderbird to Outlook conversion is unwarranted. And that it
doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, if you have professional software application and support.

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