Convert MBOX to PST Without the Challenges and Frustrations that are so common with Generic File Converters!

Are you thinking to Convert MBOX to PST ? You must be pretty nervous about a tedious task like
that. It’s also not reasonable to worry about data loss or data integrity loss when converting two
data files with highly dissimilar nature. The reason for this anxiety in most users is due to the
inefficient nature of most of the file converters. These generic solutions don’t have what it takes to
extract information cleanly.

The frustrations and challenges of an ordinary MBOX to PST converter are just too many to make this
a seamless and professional task. You can experience severe data loss, incomplete data conversion,
damage to folder hierarchy, and so on.

Today, we will be changing that for you, and will offer a much quicker and more efficient approach for
converting MBOX to PST .

It’s called “Mail Passport Pro,” developed by Gladwev Software. The team of developers at Gladwev
Software is experienced and have been offering professional utilities since many years to
corporations and home users to migrate their email data successfully. Their expertise is also clearly
visible in “Mail Passport Pro.”

The best part of this solution is its interface that is built with beginners and non-experienced users in
mind. Most generic tools often overlook the factor that users are trying out a third-party tool to
convert their files to save time and be more productive. A poorly implemented UI without any
systematic wizard nullify that purpose. “Mail Passport Pro” turns out to be a complete opposite of
that trend. Through minimalist approach, Gladwev Software has managed to make it as simple to
use as possible, but without compromising the functionality.

Not only can you use the tool easily, you can also implement many of its advanced features without
putting a lot of efforts.

The another much appreciated ability of the tool is to Import MBOX to PST with entire database it contain.

Emails have come a long way from a simple string of words transmitted across networks. Now emails
have become the most common method of communication and can be quite rich and complex in
information. You can embed images into the email bodies, attach files even including non-media
files, format text using HGTM or other rich-text styles, include hyperlinks and cloud-based links, use
emails in nested format (conversation style), and so on.

All this complexity has made them a truly efficient and flexible way to send information and
communicate across anyone in the whole world. This also means that most of your friends, clients,
customers, or employees may be in living in countries that don’t have English as their major
language. Or you may yourself communicate in non-English languages. This means that the content
of your emails is encoded with standards other than ASCII. Most utilities would fail to extract such
text characters, especially Chinese and Japanese because they are encoded with double byte.

Only “Mail Passport Pro” contains logic and framework precise enough to get all of this into
consideration, extract every bit of informational byte and put it into PST format without errors. The
tool is built to perfection to ensure zero data integrity loss and to match your output data with
input perfectly.

More than that, the tool is also backed up by 24×7 customer support that will instantly help you
whenever you need any.

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The free trial setup and see for yourself!

You can later activate the full version using any of the licenses that Gladwev software offers,
depending on your needs and scope of migration project!

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