How to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook – Find the Best Possible Solution Here!

If you are switching from Thunderbird to Outlook, you must be wondering how you can transfer all
your data along with you. Switching any kind of services, especially email clients, is hard. Not just the
change but the fact that you need to migrate everything to a completely new program.

Sometimes, the files associated with your original email client, which is Thunderbird in this case,
does not sit well (compatible) with your destination client, which is Outlook in this case. Therefore,
you cannot merely copy the files from your Thunderbird database into your Outlook database, as the
Outlook won’t recognize those files.

Therefore, you either have to rely on some manual and time-consuming method to process all the
migration, or use some third-party file converter. Both solutions bring up unique problems and
anxieties, especially if your database is massive.

Manual methods have some pretty obvious drawbacks, like they can consume a lot of time to
properly transfer data, or that they are often riddled with confusing steps and actions that a
beginner user wont’ understand, or that they never convert data without data integrity errors. All of
these problems should almost make you avoid them, if you value your data integrity or time.

Third party Apple Mail to Outlook converters are definitely the way to go, but be careful which one
you choose. As plenty of these converters lack the proper algorithms and interface to convert emails
or other items from Apple Mail to Outlook.

This is what is forever changed by “Mail Passport Pro,” which is a powerful yet intuitive to use utility
from Gladwev Software that will make this tedious and daunting process seem like a walk in a park.
Mail Passport Pro” is built with considerations in mind for both experts and beginners and offer all
features necessary to convert data correctly, while also making sure that a non-experienced user can
interact with the interface without getting overwhelmed.

This unique blend of sophistication and simplicity makes “Mail Passport Pro” one of the most
sophisticated “Apple Mail to PST converter.”

Not to mention that it also allows to convert other formats like Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage,
Outlook for Mac, MBOX and EML files to PST directly. Though, for this post we are only focused on
Apple Mail to Outlook files.

Here are some of the tricky components inside MBOX files that a generic tool won’t be able to convert but are not a problem for “Mail Passport Pro.”

– Non-English text characters including Chinese and Japanese
– Embedded images or any graphical objects inside email bodies
– Email headers and Metadata (To, from, subject, cc, bcc, time and date)
– Email attachments
– Hyperlinks inside email bodies, including the cloud-based links for attachments
– Text formatting
– MIME define content
– Nested emails (structured in a conversational style)
– Folder hierarchy

Download the free trial setup for “Mail Passport Pro” Now!

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