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Outlook Email Address Extractor is a truly unique and convenient application that lets you get all the email addresses from PST files, including the metadata (to, from, cc, bcc) and email body contents.

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Outlook Email Address Extractor

Ever wish you could get all the email addresses in a nice order from your Windows Outlook data? Well, now you can! “Outlook Email Address Extractor” is a utility from Gladwev Software that can extract email addresses from PST files. It can extract them from fields like To, From, Cc, Bcc, and even from inside the email body contents.

The app is rich of handy features. It will give a new and much better way to manage the email addresses. Extracting them is one of its primary features, but it can do a lot more. Such as removes duplicate email addresses, filter them using specific domains, and so on.

Salient Features of “Outlook Email Address Extractor”

Here is a complete list of the tool and what it can do for you:

  • It can process multiple PST files, extracting email addresses from them at the same time. No more messing around with each file separately. Think about the time it can save. The tool can easily manage more than 40GB of files, as tested thoroughly before the launch. Though, it can vary depending on the computer you are using it on and other factors.
  • It can extract email addresses from virtually everywhere that an email address can exist. Such as, it can get them from the metadata and headers (To, from, Cc, Bcc). It can also find any email address that are mentioned within the content of email bodies. Additionally, you can also choose to include or exclude email headers and email body content while extracting email addresses from Windows Outlook PST files.
  • The tool lets you choose whether you want to extract all fields from Address Book contacts (VCF files) or just the email headers and content.
  • It does not save duplicated email addresses. The tool automatically checks if an email address is already being extracted and will ignore all other instances it will find it. This is a great time savor that gives you a very clean database of email addresses that do not contain any address as duplicated.
  • Set rules to sort and filter email addresses using the domains. Just set the rules whatever you like and the tool will do the rest. For example, you can choose to exclude email addresses than end with any particular domain, say, reddifmail.com This way you can exclude the ones that are not needed. You can also use this feature to only extract email addresses from particular domains.
  • Manually check the folders to look for email address. You don’t need to make the tool process the entire database. For example, if you don’t want email addresses from your “Sent” folder, you can simply un-tick that folder and tool will ignore it.
  • Optionally, you can choose to either extract or ignore names from email addresses.
  • Lots of freedom in choosing the output file where extracted email addresses can be stored. You can choose to store in either Text (.tx), CSV, or VCF file, depending on where you want to import the addresses later on. Text format separates the names by a ‘tab’ and use a new line for each entry.
  • You can also choose to save them in a recipient’s list format, which offers a very convenient way of sending bulk emails to all those addresses. This format saves all the fields such as To, Cc, Bcc.

Quick and Light, Easy to Use, and Bug Free!

Outlook Email Address Extractor brings to you the most powerful email Ids extractor, but at the same time it is very light and doesn’t use a lot of resources. It also runs quickly and can process large multiple PST files with ease. Expect no abrupt crashes or bugs that many such tools suffer from. Through sharp algorithms and creatively designed framework, the tool features an extremely smooth road free of any annoyances.

And Lastly, the entire set of advanced features are unified with a friendly graphical interface that will make the whole job easier than you expect. Everything will place in its right place so you don’t have to give any effort while using the tool. The interface designed to be intuitive even for less computer savvy users.

Download the Free Trial Version of Outlook Email Address Extractor!

You can check out the free trial version of the tool right now. Download using the link below and start extracting your emails. The setup file is less than 10 MB, installation will take less than a minute, and there is no initial configuration or setup that you need to go through. Just launch, select the PST files, and in no time, you will get all your email addresses properly within the file of your choice. The free trial version places no restrictions on the features, but it will limit the email addresses to 10 from each folder. More than enough to give you a complete and thorough evaluation.

Email addresses and contacts that you have saved over many years can be some of the most important part of your data. Having them saved or backed up effectively is of utmost importance, especially in a work-related environment.

“Outlook Email Address Extractor” is that tool that has made this vital part of your business/work/life a breeze.

Download the free trial copy now.

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Outlook Email Address Extractor
Outlook Email Address Extractor


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