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The Entourage to PST Converter can convert Entourage 2004/2008 Archive (*.rge) and *.mbox files to PST file format for Mac Outlook 2016/2011 and Windows Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

Download for WIndows 32 bit

Download for Windows 64 bit


The Only Entourage to PST Converter That Will Lead You to Clean, Quick Data Migration!

Entourage to PST Converter is a tool for Windows that lets you convert Entourage files (RGE) to PST files. It has an intuitive interface that naturally and seamlessly blend into its sophisticated features, resulting in professional data migration accessible even for beginners.

entourage to pst converter

Entourage to PST Converter has the following features that make it standout from the crowd:

  • Naturally understood interface. The minute you launch the tool, you would be guided by a smooth flowing wizard that makes complete sense to even a greenhorn neophyte that has no idea about the technical details of the process.
  • Quick conversion without too much manual inputs. The quickness of the job heavily depends on the tool’s automaton that does everything for you. No manual inputs necessary, except choosing the input Entourage data you want to convert.
  • Batch Conversion. Have a large and multiple Entourage files and databases? No worries. “Entourage to PST converter” will get them all converted in a jiffy. And without impacting the speed and the precision of the process.
  • Support for Non-English text conversion. Worry no more about those important details you’ve received from your overseas customers or clients. The tool is perfectly capable of keeping the Unicode standard characters safe and cleanly converted into PST.
  • Maintains the structure/hierarchy of folders. All your folders and sub-folders will be moved to PST without losing their original positional index within the hierarchy.
  • Converts every single items from Entourage database (including images inside your email bodies, metadata and headers, time-stamps and date, and so on).
  • 24×7 customer support powered by Gladwev Software. Got any questions? Face a setback? Anything you need help with? You know who will help you until you’ve got the resolution you want.

Entourage is the only tool that does all of the above. It was designed to perfection to not only handle large migration projects, but also to facilitate email migration for basic home users.

The entirety of its complicated features seamlessly blend into the intuitive interface, alluding the users that it’s all a child’s play.

And with Entourage to PST Converter, it is!

All other ordinary Entourage to PST converter would have believe that to successfully move data across the clients, you’d have to pass a labyrinth to get to the other side. For years, it was true. Not anymore!

How to Use Entourage to PST Converter!

As mentioned above, it has a simple interface that is naturally and intuitively understood by even the most naive and non-experienced users. Here is a little tutorial-type, step by step explanation of how it works and how you can use it!

  • Simply launch “Entourage to PST Converter” after installing. You can do it through the free trial version as well.
  • Choose “Microsoft Entourage Archive” as input. You need to copy the archived folder into your Windows PC. Instructions to do that included.
  • Manually unmark the folders that you don’t want to convert or leave all of them marked for conversion if you want complete data export.
  • Click “Next,” choose the location to save the PST files and click “Convert”.
  • Wait for it to finish conversion. Once done, simply go to Outlook on Windows, click ‘File’ –> “Export and Import” –> Import from PST files and choose the converted PST files from the above step.
  • Congratulations! In no time, you’ve got all your Entourage data swimmingly moved into your Windows Outlook. No need to solve the maze that other traditional ineffective solutions ask you to.

What Exactly is Entourage to PST Conversion?

Entourage may have been discontinued (and was replaced by Outlook), but it has a large user base in Mac OS X ecosystem. Many users still use as their primary email client, or a secondary client for various needs. And many of them are also constantly looking to upgrade, especially if they are switching to Windows. Since Windows doesn’t have Entourage.

And with that comes the headache of moving emails from Entourage to Windows Outlook, or of converting Entourage to PST.

So most likely, you are here for the same reason. You used Entourage for many years in Mac, and now looking to migrate to Outlook in Windows. As many would tell you, this job is done by performing conversion of Entourage files (RGE) into PST. PST is what is natively used to store data in Windows Outlook.

But this seemingly simple sounding words (RGE to PST) is more difficult than what many think of at first. Apparently, there are many Entourage to PST converters that claim to do the job. But these third-party apps have limitations that can make your conversion truly inefficient, unsafe, and tedious.

Entourage to PST Converter is the only one that rises above all those limitations and challenges into a pretty perfect version of a handy tool that does all.

Try, Before Buy – Claim Your Free Evaluation Copy of the Tool!

Want to know more? What are all the features and how do they work exactly? Want to get a quick peek of its interface and experience it personally? Any doubts that you may have? Get the free evaluation copy Gladwev Software offers for any of those concerns. It lets you convert ten items from all the folders inside your Selected Entourage database for you to closely examine everything about the tool.

Download for WIndows 32 bit

Download for Windows 64 bit

Get it now. Use it to make up your mind and click that “activate” with full confidence!

Download Now

Download for WIndows 32 bit Download for Windows 64 bit

Purchase Now

Purchasing from us is very easy, payment may be done through Paypal or Credit Card (processed by our payment processor FASTSPRING), and after it is processed, shortly you will receive a unique serial key, which you can use to activate the software by copy/paste it to avoid typo error. In some cases your e-mail may get lost in your spam or Junk email folder, so be sure to check it there as well. If still, you don’t receive the email, please contact us by email at: [email protected] or by 24*7  LIVE CHAT support to get an immediate response.


We’ve got the perfect package for you

No customer is too big or too small for us

  • Single User

    $29 /-
    • For Single User
    • Unlimited Accounts
    • One System Installation
    • Non-Commercial Use
  • Commercial

    $199 /-
    • For Organizational Use
    • Unlimited Accounts
    • Ten System Installation
    • For Commercial Use
  • Enterprise

    Contact / Sales
    • For Large Organization
    • Unlimited Accounts
    • Unlimited Installation
    • For Commercial Use

  • Individual License: One Person’s email only (Allows to processes multiple mail accounts belonging to one individual).
  • Household License: Single family household use (i.e. your email and your spouse’s, your kids’) Not for organizational or commercial use)
  • Commercial License: Organizational and commercial use (For use by IT support Technicians supporting employees of an organization with less than or 50 Employees and One facility. A technician at Computer repair shops.)
  • Enterprise License: Enterprise use for Organization of over 51+ users (For use by IT support Technicians supporting employees of an organization with 51 + more employees. Can be used for Countrywide Facilities belonging to the Organization.)

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  1. Sarah Spinale

    This product is ultimate, and does an EXCELLENT job for migrating Entourage to PST. It converts both Entourage (RGE) and *.mbox files to Outlook PST file. Convert as is, highly recommended!

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