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Mail Exporter Pro can convert Apple Mail to Mac & Windows Outlook, Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, PST and EML file format.

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Mail Exporter Pro – Innovative Mac Utility for Mac Mail Migration to Other formats!

“Mail Exporter Pro” from Gladwev Software is the Mac utility that single handedly outgrown all other methods/tools for Mac Mail migration. The innovation down to the single line of code at the heart of the tool makes it the finest of all.

It is an intuitive to use Mac application that converts Apple Mail data to:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007
  • Microsoft Entourage 2004/2008
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Postbox, and
  • MBOX and EML Files

The set of features and the interface beats any import/export add-on, plugin, app or program available so far to convert Mac Mail data. “Mail Exporter Pro” isn’t just the result of improvements made upon existing data conversion algos, but is a complete rebuilt of the entire foundation of data processing of the industry.

Intuitive – Familiar Yet New!

Built from the grounds up, it reaches out to individual users to intuitively make the best out of it. Every complicated feature blends into the surprisingly easy UI for seamless implementation. It houses modern features, yet remains familiar to use.

Multiple Input Options – Control back into your hands!

“Mail Exporter Pro” lets you choose from where you wish to load Mac Mail data for conversion. You may select the backuped profile database, or the current default one. You can even select the ones you have archived in the past. None of those debilitating limitations that made such migration projects a real pain in the neck.

Clean Conversion of Everything – No more Missing Components

Email migration can be notoriously painful since it usually results in one or more components missing from the output files. “Mail Exporter Pro” picks up every element from your Mac Mail database and cleanly converts it to the output of your choice. Nothing goes missing. No data fragmentation or loss.

Faithfully Maps Folder Hierarchy to the Output

Folders are the backbone of every email database, and for the good reason. They help manage thousands of emails efficiently. “Mail Exporter Pro” converts the database without making a mess of the folder hierarchy. It maps the exact structure on to the output files without making a single change.

Gets Non-English Text to Convert

Unicode content, including characters used by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or other double-byte languages, is converted cleanly. You won’t find any missing or broken strings of text in your converted emails. All langugaes, not just ASCII encoded, will be safely migrated by the tool during text processing.

Things You Want to Know About Mac Mail Migration!

Mac Mail is a pre-installed email client from Apple for Mac OS X. It has a great set of features and a universally liked interface. However, there are always users that either need to switch to other client, or share Mail data with other users, or they use some other client themselves along with the Mail.

In those cases, it is very much an important job to migrate data from one to another. And since that is not support officially by email clients to the best of their abilities, the job can become bothersome. The incompatibility of files can become an obstacle from getting emails moved across different clients.

Take for example, the EMLX files of Mac Mail. They are native files where emails are stored; single EMLX file for a single email. And the .mbox file packages Apple Mail use aren’t the standard MBOX files fully compatible with other email programs.

Thus, many times, it is often convenient to convert Apple Mail data to a generic file like EML, or to a specific file format where the user is migrating to.

This job is performed exceptionally well by “Mail Exporter Pro.”

You can download the free copy for trial purpose and get to know the every feature in more details and more closely. Click here to download the setup. Install it and start running in a free trial mode that works for ten items per folder.
It’s the best email migration utility for Mac that lets you seamlessly transfer your data from Apple Mail to any other email client.

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Mail Exporter Pro
Mail Exporter Pro


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