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Outlook PST Repair Pro can repair and recover from your Microsoft Outlook data (PST file).

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The best PST Repair Solution for you

Data corruption due to factors such as abrupt shutdown, power failure, hard disk failure, viruses and so on can be the most frustrating thing that can happen to anyone. And Email clients like Outlook and its data are not free of such events. If your Outlook PST file (the file where Outlook stores its data) is corrupted and you can’t access the data, it’s reasonable to be a bit anxious and scared.

But thankfully, there is a solution now that you can make your recover everything with ease and precision. It’s called Outlook PST Repair Pro, developed by Gladwev Software and has the dedicated algorithms required to thoroughly restore everything that is damaged or corrupt. The tool can be used by anyone regardless of the tech-savviness.

Why “Outlook PST Repair Pro?”

There are few options available online that claims to recover data. One of the most common one is the scanpst.exe program by Microsoft itself that comes with Outlook. It’s a decent way to recover if you are lucky, but often, it is not the complete solution. More importantly, it does not offer any options to make the recovery process more efficient and suitable to the individual needs.

It’s also very slow and can fail if the damage is severe.

This is where “Outlook PST Repair Pro” shines. It’s power logic can take care of files that are damaged even severely. It doesn’t work the same way as ScanPST.exe works. The program was developed by an expert team that knows the ins and outs of data corruption and recovery. Therefore, what you get with “Outlook PST repair Pro” is not just another mediocre shot at data restoration, but a complete package full of features and powerful algorithms to actually recovery the entire database without exception.

The Defining Features of “Outlook PST Repair Pro”

Other than its accuracy in bringing back the corrupt data to life, it has a lot more to offer. The list of features below will tell you why it is the best tool for the job and why it has quickly risen to the top of all experts’ recommendation when it comes to PST repair.

  • Interface: The most important characteristic any software program can have is its interface. If it is not user-friendly, none of its features matter. Thankfully, “Outlook PST Repair Pro” was developed by Gladwev Software keeping that in mind. Thus, it offers a friendly interface that anyone can use to recover data without knowing the technicalities.
  • Smooth and Compatible with Windows: Most recovery tools are very slow and can take a tool on your processors. They can themselves often crash, and at worse, can even make the files more damaged. “Outlook PST Repair Pro” works smoothly, without hiccups, and support Windows platform completely. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions of Windows OS.
  • Speed: and when everything works properly, the thing that renders many recovery apps useless is their speed. If it takes unnecessarily too long to recover data, it can be quite a buzzkill. “Outlook PST Repair Pro,” luckily, works with lightning fast speed, resulting in not saving your corrupt data from PST files, but also in saving your precious time.
  • Accuracy: As said above, the tool can recover everything and that’s a big deal when comes to recovering PST files. Emails are no longer just simple text; they can contain complex items like file attachments, images, folders, and so on. “Outlook PST Repair Pro” has a dedicated logic for PST files that works its magic to the last item and recovers everything cleanly. No partial recovery. Nothing would be missed or ignore. For instance, it can recover items like graphical objects, folder hierarchy, non-English text, nested messages, metadata and headers, and so on.

Free Support and Free Trial Setup

If you still have any doubts, you can contact the support staff to get the demo. Or better, use “Outlook PST Repair Pro” and see for yourself. You don’t need to buy the full version just yet. Check out the free trial mode that can recover ten items per folder but doesn’t restrict you from any other feature.

Download its free trial copy today. You will not disappoint on our PST repair solution.

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Outlook PST Repair Pro
Outlook PST Repair Pro


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