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Mac and windows are two major system used by everyone for official work mainly related mails. Apple mail is the major Email client on Mac and support emails in EMLX format and it is not supported by any further email client. If you consider switching over to new email client it becomes a hurdle to move file over email clients due to the file format. Your mails stored within the Apple mail years over years. When you try to move them by exporting it will not be supported by the other client. You need to have a third party software/ tool to convert the files into desired format. You will find end number of tools over internet! But having many limitations like- some are not supporting images, some nested messages so on. But! Now you won’t have to be worry because we introduced an All in One tool name- Mail Exporter Pro- it converts your entire mailbox into different format like- outlook Mac OLM, Microsoft Entourage archive 2004/2008 RGE, Mozilla thunderbird/ Postbox etc. it convert all your mails along with the nested messages, images and attachments and all other material stored in the mailbox. It is full safe and secure software and virus free, it will not harm any of your data and system as well.

Why should you choose Mail Exporter Pro

Mail Exporter Pro is the solution for your all issues and it can convert in any format from Apple mail EMLX format. High performance and accuracy of conversion you will feel the high speed conversion capacity of tool than other tools available in the industry. It provides you the complete conversion of entire mailbox including- mails, contacts and calendars stored within mailbox. It supports the non-English content and preserves it, so that there will be no data loss.  We are offering this professional tool almost in half price than industry offering. With complete support of conversion we are offering an amazing product to delight our customer.

Key features of Mail Exporter Pro

  • Apple / Mac mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac

    Mail Exporter Pro converts the apple mail EMLX files to OLM Outlook Mac format. It converts the entire mailbox with one go. It converts not just the mails but, contacts, calendars along with all images and attachments included in the mails. Is support all kind of data stored within mails.

  • Apple/ Mac Mail to Entourage

    Mail Exporter Pro converts apple mail to Microsoft entourage archive 2004/2008 .RGE file format. With this tool you can convert all your mails from Apple maul to entourage in one go and each and everything including- mails, contacts and calendars to the desired Entourage client.

  • Apple mail to Thunderbird/ Postbox

    Mail Exporter Pro converts your mail data to EML and MBOX format which support Thunderbird and Postbox e-client. With no fame at all you will see your entire mailbox converted into the desired format.

  • Support Unicode content

    Mail Exporter Pro support Unicode content included within mails. Unicode content is any non-English language used in mails like double byte character in Chines and Japanese. It preserves the Unicode content without skipping or losing data and it can be seen after importing it to the desired email client.

  • Support Corrupted and Password protected files

    Mail Exporter Pro support corrupted as well as password protected mails. Many times customer has this kind of issues that they have corrupted mails or password protected files! We guide them to use our complete professional tool that converts all corrupted and password protected mails in no time at all.

  • Preserves images and attachments

    Images and attachments are equally important with mail and when you consider converting mails you hope that all images and attachments will be converted too. But! Many of the tools available in the market skip the images during conversion. Our tool is a professional tool and preserves all images and attachments after conversion.

Download Free Trial of Mail Exporter Pro

Before buying the software tool we recommend our customer to have a trial. We provide free trial and trial concerts 10 mails from every folder. It ensures the conversion and trust of the customer on Company. With trial we provide live support as well if customers face any issue during conversion.

Download Now
Download Mail Exporter Pro

Support Mac OS 10.7 or Higher

Buy full version of Mail Exporter Pro

After using the trial version if customer get satisfied and want to convert trial to a full version, we offers different kind of licenses like- Household license for a complete family package for your friends & family, Commercial license for the small scale businesses and Enterprise License for Large organization (Multi site license).

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